1UP: BioShock Review

Review by Andrew Pfister:

"It's hard to believe it was a little over a year ago that BioShock was taking the game industry by storm (read my review of the 360 version if you somehow missed the phenomenon the first time around). Equally hard to believe: It's taken a full year for a PlayStation 3 port that merely adds a tougher difficulty setting and the exciting opportunity to download bonus content that's just weeks away. But whether exclusivity dealings or technical hurdles caused this delay is ultimately immaterial. BioShock remains one of the most impressive and (if you never had the chance to play spiritual predecessor System Shock 2) fresh first-person shooters around."

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power of Green 3652d ago

Look at how the media fears the PS3 crowd.

"The game still looks and sounds great, with pretty much all the distinctive atmosphere intact"


Tmac3652d ago

Hopefully they'll forget all about the Xbox 360 then.

Mr_Showtime13652d ago

you do realise the same reviewer gave the 360 version an A+...

SUP3R3651d ago

In my eyes they're both equal. I can't find a reason why they would give the PS3 version an A and the 360 version an A+. It's the same game.