Resistance 2 public beta impressions: Competitive (part 2 of 3)

GameXtract writes: "It's what you've all been waiting for, the in-depth impressions of the R2 beta! Over 24 hours of gameplay later (which required the skippage of some schoolwork and the loss of lots of sleep), I now have enough to go on to put out my two cents on the game as we know it now. So sit tight, it's time for some Chimera slaying!"

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SIX3702d ago

but I wish they would have just dialed down on the color pallet a bit. The game does look nice though, just don't expect realism as you would see in COD. Go in with this in mind and you won't be disappointed. Awesome beta. I play this beta more than I do with most of my full games, and that's a good sign.

Sevir043702d ago

I'll be heading off to my friend who works at gamestop and get about 15-20 beta codes to give some people here, and i'll reveal how to get them from me in just later on this afternoon.

The beta was awesome. the color pallet is great and teh graphics look imaculate and for an online portion of the game, thats freakin sweet. i simply cant wait to play the single player to be blown out of my mind with the game play... right now, both competitive multiplayer and Coop multiplayer is awesome. i simply cant wait to play it.

monkey nuts3702d ago

not trying to be funny or anything but "don't expect realism like cod"?
Your fighting aliens, in a fictional story, in a different past to the one we know. Plenty of realism there.

I agree, the beta is beyond *superlatives [*murray walker. you know the score.]

SIX3702d ago

I was talking in reference to the over all color pallet. Even though I agree, it is a fictional world games such as Gears when you think about it is the same subject matter but have a grittier more realistic look to it.

PirateThom3702d ago

My impressions of the co-op:

The Co-op is pretty intense, rather than having someone join for the single player, the missions are completely designed as battles for multiple players and you can tell they're designed that way. There's like virtually no lag, in either co-op or competative, the graphics are fantastic.

The Co-op is basically bullet hell, in the beta there's one section where you're standing on the top of a hill and there's basically a sea of bullseye and Auger fire coming at you. Unlike most games health regeneration doesn't happen unless you're a medic and only the Spec-ops can give you ammo, so the medic and spec-ops are invaluable for solidiers, unlike most games where they're usually useless. The three classes (I believe the full game has more) are all well balanced and need to work together, I think it's a game where communication will become essential.

When you repsawn, you respawn wherever you died, so if you run in all guns blazing and die, you may find you'll keep dying until everyone else pushes forward a bit meaning working as a group usually makes it a lot easier overall.