Inside The Culture Of Sexism At Riot Games

Throughout her three years at Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, Lacy made it her mission to hire a woman into a leadership role. Lacy had heard plenty of excuses for why her female job candidates weren’t Riot material. Some were “ladder climbers.” Others had “too much ego.” Most weren’t “gamer enough.” A few were “too punchy,” or didn’t “challenge convention,” a motto you can find in Riot’s company manifesto and recruiting materials.

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RuleNumber597d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Absolutely outstanding reporting by Cecilia. I commend her for the excellent work, and Kotaku for supporting a story as important as this, which by the way took over half a year to craft. This is a dying art in journalism, yet it has never been so essential.

-Foxtrot97d ago

I knew it was Kotaku the second I read the title.

deafdani97d ago

Negative implications aside, this article is actually superb.

TekoIie97d ago

Not really. Article is insanely vague on its examples. I'm assuming it's to keep anonymity, but it actually ends up making the article look amateurish.

Saying you presented an idea and it was refused and then a man proposes it the same way and it's approved doesn't exactly make me as a reader take much of this seriously. For all I know you suggested moving a vending machine from the canteen into the reception area...

I can't really empathise with her calling the place a "bro culture" either since it actually sounds like a great environment to make connections and she's turning it down.

Zodiac97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

All you did was point out the wider problem that subject matter like this is only being talked about by one publication. Congrats ;)

bluefox75597d ago

But it's not a "wider problem", and that's the point.

Zodiac97d ago

@bluefox. Yeeeeeah, sorry, it is.

Lynx020797d ago

That is the major problem these days. We cannot even fight with sexism/racism/(any other form of primitive stupidity) because too many people read only the titles and they write/say anything just to sound "funny".
The problem in fighting with sexism is that our culture is so sexist that majority believes that sexism is ok (sometimes even cool and funny) and they boycott or bully everyone who tries to scrutinize our culture (Sarkeesian for example).
Nice article, great journalism, not some meaningless bunch of pages with photos and one sentence.

Gh05t97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

One I do not want to defend Riot Games because if true these accounts are inappropriate and should be brought to light. On the other hand things like this don't give you any more credibility.

"Throughout her three years at Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, Lacy made it her mission to hire a woman into a leadership role."

So fight sexism with... You guessed it, sexism.

Riot clearly doesn't respect women (again assuming the accounts are accurate) but you don't complain about sexism while having a sexist "goal" while working there.

They are two groups cut from the same cloth, both a bunch of sexists.

Not to mention why on Earth would she want to subject another woman to that type of treatment?

I mean clearly there is a problem with the people hired because a non sexist, nonracist person doesn't make comments like “our hiring panels are, just by the sheer result of the ratio of men to women at Riot, mostly straight/white/male.”

As if being strait, white, or male meant that you couldn't do your job because of what? Your sexuality, your skin color, your genitals?

Again not defending Riit because I believe most this stuff is actually happening, but I'm not running from one group of sexist into the arms of another group of sexists.

They are both wrong and the fact the journalist doesn't point that out shows that they stand on one side and point fingers at the other not realizing they are the same.

KillBill96d ago

Well you failed in your reply by simply bringing Sarkeesian up as an example of your point.

stupidusername97d ago

Just because people are tired about hearing about people getting harassed doesn’t mean it’s not an issue, it’s still very real for the people experiencing it.

If you want to discuss which games and consoles are best then good for you, but don’t act like a idiot when something actually important comes a long.

KillBill96d ago

But just because it is an actual issue does not mean that every situation comes down to simply a sexist reasoning behind it. Which really is the way the discussion is always driven.

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JonahFalcon97d ago

Ugh. This makes my skin crawl.

deafdani97d ago

What? Your comment can be interpreted in numerous ways.

DanielGearSolid97d ago

Very sad.
That experiment with the presentation says it all

Gh05t97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Not even close, this is the problem with these types of things is that it doesn't account for a both sides type story. For instance if you worked with a person who always pisses you off day in and day out and you and them just don't get along for whatever reason, they come up to you to say something but by the sheer HISTORY of your interactions you half don't listen and half blow off what they say. Then someone who has credibility to you comes over and says the same thing... No big deal and you respond. A better experiment would have been to give it to a female that she felt they liked, then to a male... That would have let you know if it was just you. Maybe they don't like HER.

If you don't think this happens then do this little test over a three day period of time when a coworker says hello to you say hello back then after it happens with 4 or 5 different co-workers ask yourself if you changed the way you said hello based on who it was you were interacting with. Did you treat every person from the janitor to the CEO with the exact same amount of energy and attitude? Most people don't, it's natural. When someone I hate working with says hello, or by social obligation I say hello to them it is not the same as when a coworker with whom I get along with says hello.

Basically none of this accounts for any other reason then, it must be sexism. Which clearly Riot does have issues with but so does this "Lacy" person.

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