Is DiRT Rally 2 coming in 2019?

VVV: "DiRT Rally remains one of the most critically acclaimed rally games of this console generation, so a sequel seems inevitable. And now DiRT Rally 2's existence has possibly leaked before the game's official announcement.

Former British co-driver Phil Mills, who won the 2003 WRC championship as Petter Solberg's co-driver, recently posted a photo on Facebook showing him recording pace notes on a motion rig for a new unannounced rally game."

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rockwhynot1261d ago

Dirt Rally was so awesome! PC version looked amazing with advanced ambient occlusion.

playnice1261d ago

It looked great (and plays even better) but I feel it doesn't hold quite up to current gen standards in terms of graphics like Drive Club, Project Cars, Forza Horizon 4...

Doomster19711261d ago

It runs at a very stable 60fps though. I'll take that over graphics any day.