Streaming will happen, just a matter of when - EA

Executive VP of strategic growth Matt Bilbey sees streaming-capable smart TVs eliminating traditional consoles in 10 years, discusses "EA moral compass" after Star Wars: Battlefront 2 loot box backlash.

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CyberSentinel167d ago

When that time arrives, I will just play my old school systems and games.
So glad I never sold my stuff.

Lennoxb63167d ago

The option to play on local hardware isn’t going away.

annoyedgamer166d ago

If everyone buys digital games it will.

v_eno_m166d ago

@annoyedgamer - "If everyone buys digital games it will."

even if everyone buys digital games, won't you still need a local hardware to play those digital games? O_o

Shikoku166d ago


Everyone buys digital music but we have CD's, cassket tapes and records still. Lastly not everyone will buy digital so thats a nonstarter cause not everyone will do it some wont do it just cause most people are doing it.

kevnb166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

There is nothing wrong with digital, its actually the same as physical except they don't let us transfer our license to use the product. I can see them attaching a license to physical media for consoles once enough people move to digital though, they can use piracy as an excuse just like they did on pc.

Cobra951166d ago

annoyedgamer, physical vs digital has EXACTLY ZERO to do with running a game locally vs streaming a movie of a remotely running game a short time after controller inputs get sent to it. I don't know where the misconception came from. We've had digital downloads for years, even on consoles, without streaming being in the picture at all. Streaming is an entirely different animal

JackBNimble166d ago

Digital gaming has nothing to do with streaming, I don't get why there is a large group of people who actually think digital = streaming.

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PhoenixUp167d ago

Another person who thinks the death of consoles is upon us

Smitty2020166d ago

Consoles aren’t going anywhere

shuvam09166d ago

It's like saying "EA's demise will happen, just a matter of when"...
Somehow, I felt good writing that and I can't explain why :P

strayanalog166d ago

EA's moral compass is probably broke and always points south.

annoyedgamer166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

EA are corporate raiders. They have no moral compass.

Shikoku166d ago

Sure they do it just points towards money all the time with no thought of anything else.

lociefer166d ago

If EA was a person, he would be a terrible person

Skankinruby166d ago

NOT streaming, nothing where if your Internet goes out for whatever reason you're just screwed. But installed digital games that are playable offline would be great

Cobra951166d ago

Single-player and local-coop console games very much are playable offline, whether they were downloaded or installed from discs. There are ways both on PS4 and XO to tell the OS to take the console offline. So it won't even try to log you on to your account online. Then all such games with local licenses will be playable if the internet connection dies.

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The story is too old to be commented.