PS3 Fanboy: Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3 rated by ESRB

PS3 Fanboy reports: The ESRB spills the beans yet again. The ratings board has listed Street Fighter Alpha II and III for release on the PS3 and PSP. So expect to see both games appear on the PSN Store at some point in the future. This might all be moot though, considering Street Fighter II HD is on its way "soon" and Street Fighter IV will be arriving next year. Honestly, how many different Street Fighter games do you need?

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Nitrowolf23746d ago

sweet, now we just need to wait, isn't Capcom gonna have a section withen the ps store?

hadouken0073746d ago

they worried bout how many SF games we need it aint there money,bet if we were spending it on add 0ns for xbox it'd be ok i guess.

gano3746d ago

Yes, this is another bias ass site. They dog the psp. And when you
look at the xbox page not only is the setup better they even got
release dates for it's games. Jesus....

Allowen3746d ago

For me the best of street fighter is the Alpha series.
The incoming SF4 looks amazing, I have seen a very long 1080p video of this game and it looks beautifull but I did not like the many ,many pauses every time a character makes a special move,it can kill the non stop action game.

Anyways I am buying SF4,just saying it might be a downgrade in terms of gameplay when compared to other SF games.Nothing really new was added.

About PSN , I will be waiting for the SF alpha 2 and the other cool Capcom game that should come soon, Marvel VS capcon 2.