IGN UK: Far Cry 2 Review

For all their gripes about Far Cry 2's shortcomings, IGN can't help but applaud the rich vein of innovation that runs through so much of the game. Unfortunately, it's these failings that defined their experience of the game, though for anyone keen to sample a shooter that dares step into the leftfield they recommend endeavouring to get to the heart of what feels like an uncut diamond – rough-shorn but not bereft of value.

Presentation - 8.0
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 9.0
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.5
Overall -

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KingDizzi3702d ago

Not looking too good, good score but when compared to the other shooters coming looks like Far Cry 2 will have issues.

Venomous_13701d ago

are you high not looking too good?

Brixxer6003702d ago

I think we all expected higher.

acedoh3702d ago

Give it a day or two and see what the general consensus on this game is. Plus a game that scores an 8 or above is generally good. I am sure this game will get a few nines also.

ThanatosDMC3702d ago

The PC version might be superior unless they stay with the console version.

Venomous_13701d ago

Yeah Every Games needs 10/10 /Sarcasm

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IzKyD13313702d ago

damn, I was hoping so much that this would get 9's and 10's......

Fishy Fingers3702d ago

"Early talk of an uninterrupted open world is sadly is a little wide of the mark, with small loading screens punctuating the action, giving the Xbox 360 we tested the game on a little room to breathe as it endeavoured to bring the ambitious visuals to the screen. Indeed, the console frequently creaks under the weight that Ubisoft Montreal has placed upon it, and all too often our immersion in the world was broken as objects crept into the scenery – a number of times we found ourselves heading into a completely blank screen, having to wait a few moments for the surroundings to stutter into place."

Sorry to quote so much but sounds to me like "no difference between console and PC" was a slight exaggeration. I expect that to be the same on the PS3. Regardless what you think about console "X" Power versus console "Y". Dev's tend to actively try and make console counterparts as similar as possible. I doubt either got any special treatment the other didnt.

MetalProxy3702d ago

I wanted this game, but issues are making me change my mind. Looks like Fallout3 will have to do.

Cenobia3702d ago

I'd think an install would easily clear this problem up. I'd be pretty pissed if they gimped the PS3 version just because not all 360's have a HDD.

I get that both versions are supposed to be the same, but to actively sabotage your game because one console couldn't handle it doesn't sound very fair (or cost effective). If the PS3 has the same issues I won't be buying this game on any platform.

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The story is too old to be commented.