How The Last Of Us raised the bar for video game narratives

"The Last of Us still feels both gripping and polished enough to blast through in a handful of sittings. But how did Naughty Dog make its characters so believable? How did it make you want to push on despite the oppressive world? And how did it make you care so much about Joel and Ellie’s fate? 

I replayed it to find out, and spoke to a pair of developers of other narrative-led games to hear their take." - Samuel Horti

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DarkVoyager98d ago

“How The Last Of Us raised the bar for video game narratives“

And AI if the demo was anything to go by. They reacted in ways I’ve never seen in a video game.

DigitalRaptor97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Druckmann's philosophy is: "simple story, complex characters".

Part I contains some of the best written characters I've seen in the medium. The sequel will surely raise the bar further when it comes to this, as well as the GODLY animation making the characters and their emotions/personalities shine through more believably than ever, even from NPCs within gameplay:

The intense hatred and anger in his face, which is interrupted by an intense grimace of pain from how you chose to take him down in gameplay. These kinds of details and what they tell you about how the enemy is feeling are unprecedented, and it makes me excited for the potential to deliver on making me feel some things I've never felt before during gameplay. Hopefully.

AK9197d ago

Hey don’t forget about the Uncharted series it’s honestly surprising the jump in narrative from Jak & Daxter to Uncharted.