Best Buy selling Blu-Ray Player for $100, sorta

Best Buy is selling an Insignia Blu-Ray Player for $200 that comes with a $100 coupon book for Blu-Ray movies and since you'll need Blu-Ray movies anyway, some will see it as a useful promotion.

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The gaming GOD3648d ago

But I'd rather a different brand than insignia

Pennywise3648d ago

Me too, PS3 all the way for Bluray. But I am glad they are getting osme kind of bluray player out to the masses

The gaming GOD3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

People had to expect lower Blu Ray prices eventually. That's the way you hit the masses. Black Friday people are going to go ballistic buying players. Even more than last year when they sold those cheap HD DVD players for $50.

Still, give me the Sony or Sharp players for that price and you'll have me on my first blu ray stand alone. Personally, I don't count my ps3 because I don't use it for movies. I NEVER use a system double as a dvd or movie player. Twice the work means twice the chance of breaking. And yeah the ps3 is built like a tank. But even tanks break from overuse.

TheNewerGuy3648d ago

Sounds cool,I'll stick with my ps3 though

etownone3648d ago

Sounds good....real good actually.

I've been holding out for a ps3 for the blu-ray one day, but this seems like a great deal. Might have to jump on it.

I think amazon was selling one under $200 too and the were throwing in the Matrix trilogy.

wallace10003648d ago

The Panasonic dmp-bd35 will be the way to go. Check it out if you haven't heard of it, still a little pricey but it is packing some fantastic performance and options.