GameZone: Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Review

Nippon Ichi gained critical success and a dedicated following with the late 2003 release of the tactical RPG Disgaea for the PS2, and since then the company has become a major player in localizing hardcore Japanese titles for American audiences. Their American debut, however, occurred three years before that, when their offbeat RPG Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure was released for the PlayStation in the summer of 2000. The game contained all the elements that Nippon Ichi would later be known for: whimsical scenario and characters, hand-drawn 2D artwork, and a script that was clever, funny, and very well written. Despite all this, the game met with an indifferent critical reception and widespread disinterest on store shelves (although it did amass a significant cult following). Now, given the company's continued success, Nippon Ichi has redesigned Rhapsody for the Nintendo DS, giving a whole new generation of fans another chance to try this unique title.

Gameplay 7.3
Graphics 7.1
Sound 7.8
Difficulty Easy
Concept 7.9
Overall 7.6

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