Bloodborne: The Board Game Coming to Kickstarter 2019

A Bloodborne Board game is coming via Kickstarter campaign in 2019, as disclosed by developer Eric M Lam.
Fextralife finds some more details to fill you in on how the game will follow the Lore.

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EricHonolulu71d ago

Hooray! Anything to keep this awesome franchise rolling.

chris23571d ago

another dumb kickstarter project. ideas like these don‘t get greenlighted for a reason. d‘oh.

arkard71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

CMON (the board game maker) Kickstart every single game they make. And every single one is funded within minutes if not seconds of opening. This will be no different guaranteed.

philm8771d ago

The card game is pretty decent so no reason why this shouldn't be.

Platformgamer71d ago

a bloodborne board game exist already, don't get scammed guys