Bravely Default For Nintendo Switch Teased In New Octopath Traveler Artwork

Octopath Traveler has reached the 1 million shipped milestone earlier this week. To celebrate this, Square Enix shared a new artwork from the game.

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G3ng4r97d ago

Only played a few hours of this on 3ds. It was good but 3ds was meh for me so sure, give it the hd remaster treatment on switch.

indysurfn97d ago

for the first time ever MIND BLOWN!!!

DJK1NG_Gaming99d ago

Bravely Third - Sword of the Brave Exclusively for Switch
Bravely HD Collection Exclusively for Switch

frostlatch98d ago

If its a remaster for the Switch then I may not buy a 3DS ever...

kevnb98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Wtf is a remaster anyway? The term remaster has no real meaning for video games, that’s why nobody can even agree what a remaster is. Sony marketing just decided to slap it on the god of war collection (they changed nothing, the games are just ports rendered at 720p on ps3) and a few other games and somehow it stuck.

Anyway, I would love a port rendered at 1080p/720p.

DJK1NG_Gaming98d ago

Remaster - Just enhanced the base game to higher quality in resolution, framerate and sound.
Remake - Do it from scratch with new asset and everything. Either keep everything the same playstyle or change it.

kevnb98d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Sure, but when is it not a port and a remaster? I mean with that train of thought almost every game ported from console to pc is a "remaster". I have trouble saying that a higher resolution alone is an enhancement, its really only a config change. Heck pirates can make "hd" psp/ps2 games for ps4 by running them through a program since its a simple config change.

Eiyuuou98d ago

I desperately want Bravely Third!

Bravely Second was slightly disappointing due to the fact that they recycled so much content. Nevertheless, I’m optimistic they won’t make this mistake again.

Nerdmaster98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

If it were just an HD Collection, I would miss the 3D function of the 3DS...

frostlatch98d ago

More and more Im torn between giving up on getting a 3DS and just getting a Switch or investing in both...

kevnb98d ago

Huh? There’s a lot more to the 3ds library.

Sgt_Slaughter98d ago

Tooons of 3DS games to explore. The DS/3DS has a shocking amount of gems and fantastic first party titles.

FinalFantasyFanatic97d ago

Get both, or get the 3DS now and the Switch later.

michellelynn097698d ago

Square is bringing some good stuff to the Switch.

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