Did Lionhead Drop the Ball on Fable 2 Co-Op?

It appears that Fable 2 may not quite live up to the hype. In fact, according to Co-Optimus, it looks like we've all been misled as to how the cooperative mode actually functions. Players are unable to bring their character into their friend's game, instead they are stuck with a pseudo random henchman character. To make matters worse there are reports of save damaging bugs and camera glitches.

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Keele3743d ago

It wasn't even hype. They misunderstood what he meant and thought coop was differently.

Keele3743d ago

Then show me where Peter Molyneux stated it. He never did.

You're just acting as if you know crap when you don't.

Killjoy30003743d ago

On couch co-op, they most definately did. They would've been better off making it split screen.

aceitman3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

get high scores with this and with out them trying co-op hhhmmmm is it that money was in invovled with fable reviews ???????????????? i wont look past that its just funny how many reviews came at once and all where high iv played it and its not what it should be just a fable 1.5 too me theres issues with camera angles and getting stuck in some places plus graphics are not next gen . im actuallly dissapointed in this game

Sexius Maximus3743d ago

Well, if SOCOM can supposedly be fixed with a patch, I imagine these issues can be too. No worries, the game still rocks.

Pennywise3743d ago

sexius... socom is being punished in reviews before its patch. This game should be too. The reviews are fake! ;P

falviousuk3743d ago

Or it could just be the FACT that the coop part is not in the retail packaging and the reviewers are reviewing what they have.

The coop will be available as a DLC on the day of launch. So the reviewers dont have that part yet.

Xandet3743d ago

Yeah.. seems a little convenient that the online co-op suddenly became unavailable just in time for reviewers to play the game. Whatever.. Fable was my favorite Xbox game, so I'm sure I'll love this one regardless, despite sh!t-tastic and disappointing co-op.

Killjoy30003743d ago

Whoa whoa whoa I'm not saying it's a bad game, It's AWESOME!!

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rawd3743d ago

Did Lionhead Drop the Ball on Fable 2 Co-Flop?

ramiuk13743d ago

co-op on fable 2 is not the same as others,infact the person you play co-op with appears as a ghost in your game, lol.
it bullploop.
game is crap anyways,i was stuck halfway down a hill for about 5 minutes while farting constantly.

i looked forward to this game since last one and im really gutted i dont like it.

ThatCanadianGuy3743d ago

Really? because i bought it this morning and have been playing it for almost 5 hours straight.

Level 5 blacksmith FTW!

Crazywhitie3743d ago


"Level 5 blacksmith FTW!"

You bastard, I've been messing with that for awhile not lol Takes forever.. Congrats

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