IGN Resistance 2 code give away 7000 still to go

IGN: "As they say, second time's a charm and, following yesterday's Resistance 2 beta hitch, we're now almost ready to go again. In case you missed the furore though, Sony and IGN have teamed up to offer 7,000 Resistance 2 beta keys exclusively to our European readers.

It's your chance to try out the sequel to one of PlayStation 3's first smash-hit shooters and beta keys will be released later today."

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Fishy Fingers3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Fingers crossed :/

nutcase4u3650d ago

I was fortunate enough to get into the LBP beta, but this one I have had no luck so far. If anybody out there happens to get an extra could you PRETTY PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

PS. LBP is awesome and Resistance is looking to be great as well!

MAR-TYR-DOM3650d ago

you Europeans think you have it bad, but we Canadians get scammed left right and center, no video store, we cant even get beta codes cause they are euro or american only, we don't have PSN pre paid cards. damn yo im going to go cut myself.

Fishy Fingers3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )


Just got a code :) If I could give you a million bubbles I would, but you'll have to get by with one ;)

(if IGN comes through and I get another, I'll post it up here)

THC CELL3650d ago

Im in yeey Thank me people for Tip please i was going to add but
There was no time of post from ign was just Luck

Bubbles please

Nineball21123650d ago

Congrats... It's a great beta and you are going to love it.

The more, the merrier...

Fishy Fingers3650d ago

Thank you bro. I'm pretty excited to try out a new FPS.

Sod it, feeling generous, bubbles for everyone :)

Mr_Bun3650d ago

Canadians aren't allowed I guess

AngryHippo3650d ago

....i just got in thanks to that link. WAHOO.....see you all online. PSN ID AngryHippo

chaosatom3650d ago

Plz give it to me...........plz.

doctorstrange3650d ago

Thank you for fileplanet link am so happy

kharma453650d ago

It's EU only from FilePlanet.

WhittO3650d ago

So much !! its like the first beta ive got into lol, and for the best game aswell ! (for me).

File size of beta is huge though !

OgTheClever3650d ago

Looks like they're all gone now :(

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MGS44743650d ago

I dont get it "befriend the FilePlanet Ambassador" dose that mean remove some help.

Fishy Fingers3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Click the ""befriend the FilePlanet Ambassador"" text and it will redirect you to a list of ambassadors ( or > ), then just click "ADD" next to them to add them to you.

But, try the link Darkiewonder submitted above, takes 2 minutes and I got a code straight away :)

Good luck.

Zip3650d ago


kurochi3650d ago

I'm not sure why it's such a big deal with these "Beta" codes? So what if I can't play a small portion of the game 2 weeks before release? I guess it's a matter of preference....I guess I just like to be surprised when I have the full game and play it through while learning the controls. To me, it's like ruining the surprise and knowing what you're going to get x-mas morning.