F1 2018 Will ‘Technically’ Run At 4K/60 FPS On PS4 Pro And Xbox One X

Game director reveals frame rate details and targeting resolutions on all consoles, base and enhanced.

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TheUndertaker852170d ago

So in other words
4K/60 Xbox One X
1800p/60 PS4 Pro with checkerboard

Not a hard bet when Gran Turismo Sport runs 1800p with checkerboard yet Forza can run 4K.

If first party devs can’t do full 4K/60 third parties are going to have an even harder time. I’d even wager they’d be lucky to hit 1800p.

annoyedgamer2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

I'm not sure why this is such a dispute. The X1X is the most powerful console on the market at the moment, that is what it was designed for. Why are there still comparisons?

81BX2170d ago

The same reason the base xbox was compared to the ps4. Some people own both consoles and prefer to play the better looking version of a game.

jukins2170d ago

Gt sport at 1800p looks miles better than forza 7. Cars and tracks are more detailed not to mention the actual driving.

Dfooster2170d ago

Gran turismo sport looks amazing checkerboarding or not.

Imortus_san2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

GT Sport also as frame rate drops from 40~60, and much less content.


You are joking right? F1 2017 ran at 2160p chekcerboard on both consoles with different graphical improvements over base versions and on PS4 Pro it even had better LODs because on PS4 Pro version with FP16. Read DF analysis before coming with such claims.

AuraAbjure2170d ago

No technical terms mentioned. Lame.

Shineon2170d ago

The ps4 pro version will look identical to the ps4 base version due to the little amount of ram cant wait to trade this scam of a

BrettAwesome2170d ago

You stopped mid sentence. Why? Did you choke on some of your own bullshit? 😂

2ndhandcorn2170d ago

Have not played the last game much trying to finish Forza 7 but it looks great , maximum car joy still have so much to do in Horizon 3 as well .

sizeofyou2170d ago

In a similar position.
But F1 on the PS4 Pro with a G29 wheel was damn good. One of my mates prefers it to the other sim driving games. Left him for hours in my living room on his own playing his 'career'..!

Bandit502170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

As a avid fan of both GT and Forza ..... in my opinion both horizon 3 and motor sport 7 kill Gt sport in visuals , gt sport is a great looking game no doubts about that but not as good as forza , horizon 3 before its 4k update looked better than gt sport ..... as for f1 2018 .... can't wait .


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