10 Best Story Rich Games That You Will Never Forget (Updated August 2018)

The plot or the narrative of a game is of the defining factors of most modern games. In fact for many people its the story makes or breaks the game.

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-Foxtrot670d ago

I really don't know how you can put Bioshock Infinite on there but not the first Bioshock...

ethereal_trespasser670d ago

I just didn't want to put multiple games from the genre

dadavis1992669d ago

Ehh also it's the floating city of Columbia, not Victoria >_<

Orionsangel669d ago

Bioshock Infinite's story wasn't the best. The game's best assets are it's artistic graphics. The look of the world. The memorable soundtrack and the character design.

BrettAwesome669d ago (Edited 669d ago )

Who's hot chick in the picture ?

PhantomS42669d ago

I think it's bad cosplay of Elizabeth from Bioshock...but it's pretty bad.

Lynx0207669d ago

Elizabeth from Bioshock, but in DLC version

RememberThe357669d ago

Haha right? I'm trying to meet her at the bar later.

PUBG669d ago

Quantum Break was a fantastic story rich game.

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showtimefolks669d ago

No the disagrees are from those who hated the fact they had to spend so much of their resources on a throw away average TV show when the cutscenes could have done the job

And you are wrong about story rich part too it was average at best

RememberThe357669d ago

Yeah the TV show cut scenes killed the game for me. My brother and I were hyped for the game since we're both fans of Alan Wake but those cut scenes were just unacceptable to us(not as bad as Need for Speed but still awful). I think we got through the first episode and once we got to the second we were done.

PhantomS42669d ago

Dragon Age Origins was so fun and amazing. Too bad Bioware could never make another good Dragon Age game.

PhantomS42669d ago

The best if you are blind and deaf and have never played again before...then no it's still trash.

Fist4achin669d ago

The only good thing about that game was the character Isabella. She was ridiculously hot for a video game character

porkChop669d ago

Inquisition was good. Not great, and certainly not near the level of Origins. But it was still a good game.

PhantomS42669d ago

It was mediocre at best. The only reason it looked better than it did was because 2 was an abysmal flop.

RememberThe357669d ago

Agreed, got it for $10 on PSN and ended up really liking it.

showtimefolks668d ago

Too many fetch quests just to open the nicely designed main quests

lociefer669d ago

Played life is strange 3 times and each time i stopped at episode 2, could never get into it

TekoIie669d ago

To be honest it handles time travel terribly. You can't have just two endings for a time travel narrative as well.

bluefox755669d ago

Same. I thought it was dull, and the writing was cringingly bad.

Yui_Suzumiya669d ago

Best game ever next to The Last of Us

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