Top 10 Franchises That Deserve A Retro Update

2.o from TrueGameheadz writes:

"Growing up, a pixel used to be a boy's best friend. Nowadays, everything all fancy, and "rendered" with anti-aliasing. What's the fun of that? When we were kids, not having a definitive face on our character meant that it was easier for us to imagine that we were that character with the giant sword and magic spells.

"Mega Man 9? may not seem like the most innovative game of the year, but, for long-time gamers..."

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jsoncip383744d ago

So many great games have gone so far from their originals, most of the games on this list have just forgotten where they came from

bitboi3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

new old school games are wanted just as much as the newer games. As i said before i would love to see a new series of games where their sequels retain the look and feel of it's original. The demand is out there (as MM9 has shown), developers just need to jump on it!