Does Microsoft Need Halo Anymore? - PvA Radio Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of PvA Radio, the guys explore whether or not Microsoft needs Halo, what a streaming future looks like, and more!

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Sm00thNinja2177d ago

Does Nintendo NEED Mario? No but it's fantastic to have. Halo can still remain a powerhouse franchise. Halo Infinity may be critical to it's Blockbuster status though

TheColbertinator2177d ago

Microsoft needs Halo just as much as I need a hot dog with mustard,ketchup and grilled onions right now because I am hungry.

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Fortnite leaker confirms Season 4 will be a new Marvel season

With Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 wrapping up, it now looks like a collaboration with Marvel is set to happen throughout Season 4.

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Popular Fortnite Chapter 1 Battle Pass skin could be returning as a Ranked reward

A new leak has revealed that Fortnite Ranked mode could be getting skin rewards and the first one will be the return of a popular character.

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AFK Player’s Confession Enrages The First Descendant Community

The First Descendant Community was shaken up by one AFK player's confession. Do you think playing AFK is fair?

Profchaos4h ago

Comes back to game design if you're required to grind to much players will always look for ways around it it's always been the case from elastic bands on controllers to auto play mods in games like wow if you're required to grind excessively and I'm not talking about needing a few extra levels in a RPG but having to spend a hundred hours mining ore style grind you're not respecting the players time.

If you respect the players time this goes away