Pocket Gamer: KORG DS-10 Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "Like some kind of electro transformer (thanks to my sidelines as a musician and DJ), I dig a good glitch, adore bleeps 'n' bloops and am frequently in the mood for a bit of Moog. Hence there was an unprecedented amount of excitement when I heard that KORG's DS-10 Synthesizer - the DS emulation of its MS-10 synth - would be arriving in the UK.

But, before we dig in to the DS-10's intricacies, there's a large, anxious-looking elephant in the room that we need to discuss. You may have come here looking for a game review but, the thing is, the KORG DS-10 isn't a game. Not at all. There's not one gamey thing about it. No goal, no scores, no levels, no tutorial mode... zilch."

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