Day Z : Coming soon on Gamescom 2018, Release Date and Price

After 5 years of Development Bohemia Interactive is now ready to launch Day-Z on PC. Development of the game which started back in December 2013 is now in its final beta testings. Official release of the game is announced by Bohemia Interactive.

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subtenko77d ago

lol yea right x,D cant take this game seriously anymore

Marcello77d ago

No way this game is coming out this year.

EricLane76d ago

Their last status report said "we'll probably take a turn on that position. If things keep going well, we may see an Xbox Game Preview release happening before the PC BETA." They are planning to release DayZ on Xbox before the BETA is released on PC. Although I have been irritated by the long wait, I haven't complained until now. They got all PC gamer's money, now they want to use their resources to rush this to Xbox as fast as possible while their are no games on Xbox to sell a bunch more copies before PC BETA. Dick move, betrayal, they are dinks.