Hi, I'm an Xbox 360…and I'm a PS3

As the Mac vs PC ads not only become more and more frequent, they have also become somewhat catty and vindictive. The latest ad pits the "everyman" as a PC owner and not spoiled college kids whose parents shell out 2500 bucks for a Macbook Pro so they can chat on myspace and edit their photos. Of course, Mac counters with the overall message that PC's are outdated business machines that are technologically inept with an excuse for an operating system. Furthermore, if the Mac computer is the dorky kid from Dodgeball and the PC is a 40 something fat guy who looks like a Wendy's manager, what are the human console equivalents?

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drunkpandas3649d ago

You hit the fanboy personas right on the head. Very funny

Hydrolex3649d ago

" PS3 has no library of GAMES " Are you Fuking blind ????????

PS3 has better games now !!! Does Xbox 360 have a 10/10 game ? no but PS3 has * Cough * LBP can be the second

fiercescuba3649d ago

You can't really say a game is 10/10 when not everyone is giving it a 10/10. Notice, the article says library of games, not the best game. The PS3 has some amazing titles, but a case can be made that the 360 just has more amazing titles. Partially due to the fact it did get a jump start by over a year.

drunkpandas3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Not saying LBP isn't a terrific game, but the current Metacritic average is 96 and the game hasn't been officially released yet. It's not a 10/10 everywhere, no game ever will be.

Both systems have some terrific games, you can't deny that.

Lifendz3649d ago

360 doesn't. /discussion.

Maxned3649d ago

(for all those wondering, hes in gamespot and is THE MOST BIASED ps3 fanboy alive)

Lifendz3649d ago

Try again Senior. If you were talking to me, let me assure you that I am not hydrowhatever. I am on GS and my name there is cyanx73. You'll see in my sig that my PSN is Lifendz which username here.

monkey6023649d ago

haha I've also seen a load of familiar names from playstation3 forums appear on here over the last couple of months

Maxned3649d ago

No no no I meant the guy above you. his name is Hydrolex

SaiyanFury3649d ago

"Hi, I’m Wii and I’m covered in dust. Please clean me off."

Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh at that line.

BLuKhaos3649d ago

Hydrolex has been here for a long time since mid last year or earlier than that.

gaffyh3648d ago

This article is the biggest fanboy piece of sh*t ever. Can't believe it got approved

The Makr3648d ago

LMAO at the picture of the PS3 fanboys. That's pretty much just how I pictured them. More interested in tech than games.

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taz80803649d ago

Prepare for the Mac hate to begin..... incoming!

drunkpandas3649d ago

Or just any kind of hate... gamers are vindictive

fiercescuba3649d ago

I just find it funny there are so few wii fanboys. can u honestly pine about about motion controls that much?

drunkpandas3649d ago

Fanboys at the ready.... I can sense they're mobilizing...

fiercescuba3649d ago

fanboys ready? gladiators ready? whistle!

Pain3649d ago

M$ Dorks on the left. PS3 on the right.

spot on !!!

MAiKU3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )


Where the hell do you think you are? Seriously get with it and get over yourselves.

Your comments are no more intelligent or cool than that of an Asian woman working in a rice field making typical Asian jokes.

Wanna make a statement? Quit the site. And don't come back.

TheNewerGuy3649d ago



It really cant get any more simpler than that.

fiercescuba3649d ago

i wouldn't call the xbox a flopbox just yet. it seems to be selling well despite being a less powerful machine with obvious design flaws

Keele3649d ago

Say that when the Ps3 actually beats the 360 in sales. Because as of right now, it hasn't sold well, it's sold better than well.

Prediction : ''360 WAS OUT 1 YR BE4!''

Bladestar3649d ago

I fail to see where the PS3 = MAC?

Mac = gaining market share.
PS3 = Losing market share.
Xbox 360 = gaining market share.

The only thing I see that is similar between MAC and the PS3 is that they are on 3rd place...

MAC is on 3rd against Linux and windows... and the PS3 is on 3rd against the xbox 360 and the wii...

ohh and that Mac and PS3 fanboys think they are somehow special while they are both missing on some really good software/games. lol!

Pennywise3649d ago

Blade when you say stuff like that it validates why I cant stand you.

PS3 started at 0 units and it has been GAINING market share the whole time. Choke on your words.

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Galvanise3649d ago

The PS3 has less great games is a dud. In my opinion it has the same amount of quality exclusive titles the 360 has. Look at Metacritic. Most of the Xbox's highest ranked games are Multiplatform. . .

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