Turns out Billy Mitchell Actually Can Score over One Million in Donkey Kong

Billy Mitchell wowed gamers when he broke one million points in Donkey Kong, and then he broke their hearts when he was ousted for using an emulation instead of an arcade cabinet. Now he wants to win gamers back with a video proving he can score one million points in a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet.

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DivineAssault 76d ago

I told people but they down voted the hell outta me because i stood up for him. Hes not only good, but he also should still be in the record books

Neonridr76d ago

he cheated.. that will always put a blemish on any accomplishments of his. That's like Pete Rose being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Will that ever happen after what he did?

76d ago
Neonridr76d ago

@vis4victor - in the past he was known for not using authentic hardware. That will forever leave a streak on his name forever. Jesus dude, where have you been?

Great that he can do it, but he's ruined that for himself now.

babadivad76d ago


He used an emulator (MAME) and tried to pass it off as an original arcade cabinet. That's cheating so his records should've been removed.

DivineAssault 76d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Im not saying he should be in there as champion but at least mentioned. He is still a pro player even if some of the high scores were on an emulator..

Dark_Overlord75d ago


So you're saying we should include the 2012 Russian Olympic team in the record books, I mean they're capable....

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RosweeSon76d ago

Sure Steve would disagree

babadivad76d ago

He cheated, should have had his records repealed. No one is arguing that he isn't good at video games. But he cheated, so he paid the price.

Neonridr76d ago

exactly, we know the guy has talent, as proven by this video. But sadly there will always be shade over him no matter what he accomplishes.

Dark_Overlord75d ago

Agreed, every other industry bans and strips cheaters, so why should he be the exception?

Christopher76d ago

This is a Lance Armstrong situation. He's good, but he cheated. The cheat is what determines the validity of your past deeds, not what you can accomplish without cheating.

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CanadianTurtle75d ago

"Who cares."
Look around you. We're on a gaming website.

PhantomS4275d ago

Yeah, and it's a cheater who got caught and who has since been having a big fit. Why care about this loser? This isn't news or relevant.

RosweeSon76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Yeah with a game genie guys a fraud bad loser too. Comes across really bad on King of Kong.
We don’t accept your video submissions but here’s one I recorded on vhs years ago so we’ll accept that one. Hypocrite

Sgt_Slaughter76d ago

There was no question he could actually get 1M, but he cheated to get the bigger record and tried to cover it up every way he could along with his "associates" at Twin Galaxies.

DeadManMMX76d ago

Coo. Well there's Twin Galaxies and then I guess there's Guiness book of world records. So since I have no idea what Twin Galaxies was before all this I don't really care what they think about anything. If he's able to make a million then that makes him the best until someone can beat him. No matter what he did it is what it is.

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