Punch Jump Review: SOCOM PS3 an addictive misfire on the PS3

Sony Corp.'s SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Confrontation for the Playstation 3 is a decent, yet unstable, online shooter that will nix the fix for online team-based versus battles. While the title can facilitate combat and comradery, the online-only title misses the target due to current game and server issues.

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PimpHandStrong3746d ago

after this will never make another PS3 game

and if they do

i wouldnt buy it

Darkseider3746d ago

Anyone that has ever dealt with an online ONLY game, read MMO, knows there is some rough waters for the first week or two. The game itself aside from some backend server issues is solid and enjoyable.

Pennywise3746d ago

This game is solid. Once they get past the few minor issues its a very addicting gaming experience.

Ray1863746d ago

that the game play mechanics were screwed with. It is too clunky to control your character now and the addition of realism imo takes away so much of what made Socom Socrack. Not even a week since I purchased it and have only got on a handful of times.

Rich16313746d ago

Well, see the problem is this game has been broken since early September since the beta began. They have had all this time and they still can't figure it out. Not to mention, anyone who played the beta (like myself) knows that each patch fixed an issue and then broke something else. So, I think it is obvious that Slant Six are "noob developers". This game is ripped to shreds by reviews and it deserves to be, you don't release an unfinished game AND MOST OF ALL advertise features on the box and explain them in the manual (Trophies, matchmaking, quick match, etc.) that the game DOES NOT HAVE! That is false marketing and further proof that Slant Six released the game undone.