The 11 Wii U to Switch ports we need immediately

Missed these games on Wii U? Or missed Wii U entirely? There’s room on Switch for us all to play catch-up.

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PhoenixUp1588d ago

I’d like to see more HD remasters of GameCube and Wii titles as well

Neonridr1587d ago

give me an HD pack of Red Steel 1 + 2 (more-so for 2).

IanTH1588d ago

Leave my Wii U games alone! That poor system has so little identity left...Every game that comes over makes my Wii U feel more like the beta console it seems to have truly been.

The Switch needs more games to call its own anyway. I think PhoenixUp has a good idea with remastering GameCube and Wii games. Help bulk up their lineup with more variety than just "Wii U title with slightly higher resolution". I enjoyed Odyssey and Kingdom Battle, but it'd be great to have some more games to call its own.

Venoxn4g1588d ago

why not both? wiiu ports can be outsourced to another company while main Ninty devs can focus on new i believe many gamers wont buy wiiu anyway, so why not let switch gamers to enjoy great WiiU games, which some of them are some of my favourite games

IanTH1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I'll be honest, it is mostly selfish :-p

I didn't initially mind the ports because I understood the need to pump out a lot of quality content to start out the Switch's library. But they just keep dipping into the well, and it is going to be strange when essentially the entire Wii U lineup ends up on Switch. A lot of the library has already ended up there and the more that gets added from Wii U to Switch just decreased the value of the Wii U for those that own it. And I would like for the Switch to feel like its own console with more unique content to its name, rather than be a port receptacle that feels a bit more like a "Wii U 1.5".

I don't begrudge other people now being able to play those games - that's good - it just stinks that so much of the Switch's current value lies in the ports. And they are ports of games I already own, so the Switch has been fairly underwhelming so far. I expected things to be thin on the ground for a while - only been about a year and a half since launch - but after E3, I'm kind of worried. There was not a lot shown to get me excited for the future. I'm hoping they have more original content in the pipeline and slow down on the Wii U ports.

princejb1341588d ago

the wii u was a beta console because it didnt sell enough. I was hesitant on buying the wii u also, but wouldn't hesitate to buy the games the switch

Venoxn4g1587d ago

well they said there are more unannounced games for 2018 so lets see (maybe new Nintendo Direct incoming?).. I am a WiiU owner almost since day 1 and loving it..but system itself is dead regarding game support..and hobestly I want those games to live, even if it means having them on Switch..and I want gamers to experience those games because they are awesome and it would be pity if they were games from this list deserve much more sales than they had on WiiU due to small console number sold (example one of my favourite Platinum's game awonderful maybe they can add some extra (or not) Switch is awesome.. and your other new games are coming, Ninty usually takes time to do them (as always)

Knightofelemia1587d ago

Mario Maker would be awesome on the Switch I would like to play that since I don't own a Wii-U and the HD version of Twilight Princess also.

badz1491587d ago

Nintendo gamers begging for remasters like never before. It's bad enough that they are almost always begging for the same IPs, now they are begging for the same games so Nintendo can screw them over with full priced remasters. Bravo

CBaoth1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

All fans and more importantly, all companies do it though so I'm not going to single out or criticize Nintendo for it. If you remember folks said the same of the PS4 in its early days. I do agree though without major third party support the Switch has an uneven balance of remasters to supplement its current library. Obviously that will change as the device matures. 2019 should be the last year of the 3DS and portable devs are already transitioning to Switch en masse. I wouldn't be surprised to see a smaller model introduced in advance/or in concurrence with the new Pokemon in 2019. If they release it with a $199 pricetag and color variants, Nintendo would shatter holiday sales records in several markets.

TekoIie1586d ago

It's actually cuz it's really cool to be able to play home console games on the go. Also no need to be for new IP's cuz Octopath came out recently so not sure what you're talking about.

blawren41587d ago

all quality games. These would fill in the gaps nicely and are all good games.

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