Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta: Community Reaction and Feedback

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta released today and fans have a lot to say. Here are the reactions of the fans.

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DarkVoyager2171d ago

Basically all complaining as usual. I have no idea why people don’t like the longer time to kill. It’s feels great to me.

Cmv382169d ago

Because high ttk sucks. I'm fine with self heal. But high ttk is for scrubs.

TKCMuzzer2169d ago

For me its not the TTK that's the issue, its the inconsistency across players. Like most COD games there is always the seemingly invisible bullet sponge, then you are greeted with the kill cam in which apparently you only fired two shots at him.
My biggest gripe is that past problems continue to get carried over from game to game, spawning in front of the enemy (how this even exists in a game in 2018 is beyond me). Players with poor pings should be dropped from the room, SMG's are lethal at most distances (A COD trait). The spawning is the biggest for me, its bad enough in normal modes but in hardcore, spawning within 5 feet of the enemy is gaming nonsense.

I do like the extras to allow you to work as a team and try and hold parts of the map, unfortunately this will be lost on the many headless chickens that play COD, which will ultimately cost you many matches.

ejf34712169d ago

Truer words have never been spoken. U have 3 developers each with a 2-3 development cycle & yet in over 10 yrs the more things change the more they stay the same. Not just spawn issues hit detection no dedicated servers noscopers lag switches boosters aimbots hackers etc. Kill cams have never worked. Its like burger king never changing the whopper. COD: CHEATERS ON DUTY FTW!!!!!!!!!

Gwiz2169d ago

I'm pretty sure it's a private beta,they even blocked Hong Kong.... lol

SpringHeeledJack2169d ago

Same old COD. Run and gun, die instantly , people sliding around like they are on roller skates. Time to call it a day and do something new.

zackeroniii2169d ago

i know you didnt play cause you do not die instantly...or you suck so you're gonna hate which is natural

SpringHeeledJack2169d ago

I know you don't play because you do die instantly. or you suck and are just paid to pretend you play the game.

T2X2169d ago

No, not exactly. I found it to be very fluid and functional. I'm buy it day one.

2169d ago
orbital712169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

TTK is UP!, maps are better, game is slower and health regen is up to the player, ohh and boots on the ground=WIN

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Cancelled Call of Duty Game "NX1" Gameplay Footage, Black Ops 4 "War" Mode" Surface

A cancelled Call of Duty game titled "NX1" had footage surface online, along with a Black Ops 4 unreleased mode called "War."

RaidenBlack166d ago

looks like the OG Infinite Warfare

Profchaos166d ago

Yeah it does look good wonder why it was canned

EvertonFC166d ago

Probably a proper game with no MT and they didn't see any profits 😂🤣

Name Last Name166d ago

That Neversoft logo took me back to Tony Hawk days. Sad to see this cancellation led to the studio closure.

Juancho51166d ago

It’s always sad to see great concepts destroyed so deep into development. They obviously had a lot of ideas and aren’t happy about it. Now withe layoffs even more videos like this will surface soon.

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VersusDMC1043d ago

How is 20 dollars for X360 call of duty games "ludicrously" overpriced?

And with Activision's lawer bills skyrocketing at the moment you are not going to be seeing deep discounts for a bit.

Chevalier1043d ago

Pretty sure that's the sale off that's 60% off. After the sale ends that 360 game is still listed at $49.99, right not its $19.99 because the 60% off.