US PSN Flash Sale For August 2018 Is Live; Here Are All The Deals

US PSN is having a Flash sale this week. This is in addition to the Double Discount sale that is currently on-going as well as the promotional Totally Digital sale.

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PhoenixUp1013d ago

That was fast, August barely even started

I hope this month gets another flash sale cuz this one is disappointing especially in comparison to last month’s flash sale

isarai1013d ago

Hmm, nothin im looking for, but cool

ReBurn1013d ago

Didn't see any I want. Maybe Portal Bridge Constructor.

InKnight7s1013d ago

Wow The Crew 2 is already in sale? Just like the last NFS.

I guess this gen Forza Horizon is the best by far and perform the best as well, and GTS is the best sim yet.

Rimeskeem1012d ago

Perform the best in terms of what?

Cause GT still has the sales record. Unless you count GTa5 has racing.

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The story is too old to be commented.