Alek: Custom Firmwares not a threat to Sony

After releasing their latest download stats, Dark AleX's webmaster Alek concludes that only a minority of PSP gamers use custom firmwares

Meaning? Message to Sony: stop adding more security to the PSP. Any chance this has something to do with the new security system
in the PSP-3000's TA-090 motherboard? Alek concludes (and I bet a lot of you agree on):

So, is it a threat? No. Developers and Sony should not focus their attention/excuses on something so "small", but on more Games&&Addons for PSP, instead of making look guilty free devs like Dark_AleX.

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PirateThom3702d ago

I agree, in theory, some people do use homebrew for various homebrew applications, but the vast majority are just using it for piracy reasons.

pp3702d ago

Great time to download more psp game torrents.

theKiller3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

all games r on torrents, all u need is DVD9 burner and the iso file

gear of war 2 is already on torrents even before launch LOL

Tony240ZT3702d ago

Now that it's modded it occasionally gets used for a PDF reader at least.

R_19933702d ago

This guy is trying to justify his bad actions :S Which is pretty weird. If someone does not want you to do soemthing which is owned by them you shouldn't do it. Full stop.

R_19933701d ago

If you disagree with me please say why, otherwise don't disagree at all.

kingme713702d ago

How many shoppers at Target are in there to steal? I'll bet the numbers are similar to the low numbers this articles suggests are using custom firmware and getting free games, but does Target still have security cameras and in store cops?

You can't justify by saying the numbers are small and Sony should just ignore it and not attempt to add more security. If they ignore it it means they condone or don't care about it, which they do.

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