Returning to Horizon Zero Dawn after Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Replaying the other grand adventure of 2017.

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Neonridr135d ago

still have to finish this game myself.. sigh. Too many titles, not enough time. I am bouncing around between my PS4, Switch and PC trying to squeeze in time. Oh and I finally decided to start Ultra Moon on my 3DS. Dumb choice, lol.

strayanalog135d ago

Good luck! I keep going back and forth between consoles myself, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Red Dead Redemption 2 are around the corner. Luckily, I'm down to two in my backlog, but unfortunately I opened the box that is Hollow Knight.

The 10th Rider135d ago

Oh man, I hope you're ready for a wild ride with Hollow Knight. I got roped in for like 50+ hours and I'm still not at 100% completion.

MWH135d ago

you will enjoy Hollow Knight, it's one of those few games you'll miss after you complete it.

thesoftware730135d ago

Loved Hollow Knight..I did 68hrs and cleared all 107%. I cant wait for the new DLC this month.

Be rdy for king Grimm...wont be easy at all.

I think I'll pick up salt and sanctuary today...I heard its different but in a similar vein as HK.

nucky64135d ago

then comes jan./feb next year: RE2 ; days gone and metro exodus. that's a lot of gaming in a 5 month stretch!

Sirk7x135d ago

Hollow Knight is amazing.

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MWH135d ago

if only we can quick save and load in real life.

135d ago
UnHoly_One135d ago

How do you not just play one game to completion and then start the next?

I've never understood how people have multiple games going at once like that.

Once I'm into something, I have to play it to the end.

Neonridr135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

lol, I am terrible for that. I dive head first into a game and then something new comes out and I am like "ooooh squirrel!" and off I go chasing after the next one.

I really need to sit down and just finish stuff before I move on to the next one. I still have some games I haven't even touched yet either.

bloop135d ago

I think it depends on the games. I'd usually go through one game from start to finish without touching anything else. But for instance, I was half way through FC5 when GOW released, and needless to say, FC5 was dropped like a hot potato.

Why o why135d ago


I'm with you bro. . . I try and hold off purchasing until the I'm near the end of the current project but sometimes I just like taking a break from one game and try something else maybe more or less intense depending on my mood or free time

MWH135d ago

I have friends who do the same and it boggles my mind, but hey, to each his way.

rainslacker135d ago

I have games I can play while I play other games. They tend to be games without finite endings. Like GT:S or Driveclub I'll pick up at times. Sometimes I'll play a few levels in a Rayman game. Might play a short game with a definite ending, but that's rare. Otherwise, I play the hell out of a SP game that I like, and usually play it to completion.

Why o why135d ago

Rainslacker. . . Ha

I do the same Ray man legends breakaway sessions or side chick . A quick pick up and play to give me a break from the main game I may be playing aka the wife

DarXyde135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I myself prefer to finish games entirely, if possible.

My exceptions to that rule are generally games with high narrative appeal where I have to play it ASAP to avoid spoilers.

To me, it's cheaper to focus on one game and always be a little behind because the price of other interesting games often goes down in the meantime.

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showtimefolks135d ago (Edited 135d ago )


That is the main reason for me being a single console owner way too many games to keep track of

I think all consoles moving forward should be BC that will be a perfect way of catching up on games we missed

sampsonon135d ago

too bad, you're missing out on one of the most emotional endings in a game in years.
get rid of the Reticle in options and see how much more amazing the game becomes.

rainslacker135d ago

I finished BOTW a couple months ago. I'm currently replaying Horizon for the New Game+ trophies, and to get through frozen wilds....which is hard on ultra hard mode. I still find Horizon to be a much better game. It'd deeper, more care was put into the world, and the story is certainly 1000x better. Heck, most of the side story stuff is better than BOTW.

Neonridr135d ago

to each their own. I adore BOTW. It's not perfect, but I honestly find just exploring the map to be rewarding in itself. I have logged well over 100 hours now in BOTW.

But believe me I am looking forward to playing through the entire story in Horizon. A great game is a great game regardless of system. That's why I own both.

Shineon134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I still have games that I will never finish from previous console generations its just a pointless habit,short attention span maybe oh look a butterfly )!(

Kyizen134d ago

Yup...and people want backwards compatibility? Ha!

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sammarshall102135d ago

I'm excited for Horizon 2 because i know they will fix the melee and probably improve the side quest and open world

Eonjay135d ago

I actually loved the melee attacks. Its staggered timing was very forgiving btw.

sammarshall102135d ago

I thought it could've been more fluid and could've had more variations

Eonjay135d ago

True plus it was super over powered.

Dragonscale135d ago

@sam, the melee was supposed to be used sparingly, its not the focus of the combat. Yeah its not brilliant but the bow combat is awesome and totally makes up for it. Didn't need melee hardly at all.

Neonridr135d ago

I mean it's going to be a long while yet :P

sammarshall102135d ago

Yeah I'm hoping Horizon 2 releases in 2020 or 2021

sampsonon135d ago

they don't need to fix anything, just add to it.

sammarshall102135d ago

I'm hoping it's completely overhauled

doggo84135d ago (Edited 135d ago )


He is just looking for attention. Horizon as it was, was brilliant and all Guerilla games need to do is expand on the masterpiece they have already created. There will always be haters, trolls, etc. On any game, and they always come with worthless opinions Such as "I'm hoping it's (Horizon 2) completely overhauled" which is plain ridiculous considering Horizon is one of the better quality games released this gen.

sammarshall102134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

@Doggo84 If you want my gamer tag just send me a message I have 74% of the trophies in Horizon and I'm not even a trophy hunter

I'm not hating on the game I'm just not a yes man and I criticize when I want something to be better

Plenty of other gamers have acknowledged that the melee in Horizon needs to be completely changed

When Horizon 2 has way better melee combat I'll see you praising it on here in the comments

PoopsMcGee134d ago (Edited 134d ago )


Your comment in response to that post reads as if you are saying the entire game needs a "complete overhaul", not just the melee since Sampson wasn't singling out melee.

I thought the melee was fine, just a bit overpowered. It didn't lessen my overall enjoyment of the combat though...

sammarshall102133d ago

@PoopsMcgee My apologies I was referring strictly to the melee combat needing overhauled

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jaycptza134d ago

Must be one of a comparably small few that felt this way. The combat was good and rewarding, the side quests were enjoyable; blows BoTW out of the water imo

sammarshall102134d ago

Nah I've seen a lot of people complain about Horizon's melee

Now imagine if it had the depth of God of War's combat it would be the best game this gen

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AK91135d ago

I'll probably replay the game once the sequel has a set release date in 3-5 years or so I tend to oddly do that.

CarlDechance135d ago

One of my few Platinums. HZD was something truly special.

pcz134d ago

HZD is a average game hiding under beautiful graphics. If you ported the game to a system with far lower specs and scaled the games graphics down, what you would be left with is an average game. It's a superficial game.

Nintendo games are always great games. That's why 30 years later they can release things like the classic mini console and it still be a great showcase of the games. In 30 years time, HZD will be forgotten.

Sony mostly relies on games for the moment- experiences that are great now. But in the long run? Irrelevant. I can think of so many games on PS1 that were said to be cutting edge but are unplayable now.

Breath of the wild is in another league

CarlDechance134d ago

"Nintendo games are always great games. "

That is true if you simply love Nintendo games. I do not and I have tried to. It is fine that nostalgia drives Nintendo fans, but it seems obvious that it gets in the way of many who simply cannot look at other games and see something that isn't Nintendo and thus, automatically, it just isn't as good. That limited viewpoint is really too bad. Sounds like it would just suck the enjoyment out of any game not made by Nintendo just because it wasn't made by Nintendo.

I disagree about HZD. It is a great game. Take away the graphics? Why would you do that? Yes, graphics do have a part to play in games. I see no need to apologize for enjoying games that look spectacular. But the game itself is so much fun. Fighting robots in an open world environment with all the different weapons is a hell of a lot of fun. And HZD isn't done yet so no idea why you are making 30 year predictions about a series that isn't near completion.

Zelda was average at best, imo. The story is nothing worth mentioning. The combat is just bad due to the stupidity of the weapons. The only thing that stood out was the shrines and after about 50 of those.....I was done.

I get that others disagree with what I disliked. Totally fine with it.

DigitalRaptor133d ago

Breath of the Wild = sparse world, terrible story, great gameplay with minor annoyances.

Horizon Zero Dawn = lush world, fantastic story, great gameplay with minor annoyances.

paintedgamer1984135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Horizon Zero Dawn was superior to Breath Of The Wild in almost every imaginable way. BOTW was the worst game in the series by a long shot. Even Skyward Sword was a much better game. I cant wait for another entry in the HZD universe. I pray this isnt the new direction in LOZ for a long time Zelda fan like myself.

thesoftware730135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

To each his own I guess..Zelda was fantastic!

Haven't played HZD yet, but plan to when I pick a PS4 pro in a few months...I already have the base PS4, but wanna play that, uncharted 4 and GoW in 4k.

ShadowWolf712135d ago

>Even Skyward Sword was better

Woah now, friend...

LoveSpuds135d ago

Personally, I preferred Horizon, I was hooked and wanted to keep playing long after I earned the platinum, however, Breath of the Wild was still a tremendous game and as a long time Zelda fan (I played the original on NES when it released) I thought it brought the franchise right up to date.

paintedgamer1984135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I couldnt help comparing botw to wind waker, oot, majoras mask, and twilight princess and feeling like botw was severely lacking. My 3 biggest gripes were the souless story, boring samey bossfights, and no kind of reason to actually explore every inch of the world like previous games... there was literally no reward to go hunting for heart pieces, items, or add on stuff like in previous games. And when you did go hunting and looting the rewards were laughablely cringy. Here, have some rupees /facepalm

rainslacker135d ago

If being up to date is having a story that was about as cursory as the original NES version, then sure, I'm with you. It brought the game into the open world genre, otherwise, I wouldn't say there was much there that really brought it up to date, as most of its mechanics were kind of dated.

FinalFantasyFanatic134d ago

My favourite was Ocarina of Time, personally I'm happy with most Zelda games to play like that. I finished it almost half a dozen times. I generally prefer has set paths or objectives in my games so open world games are generally less appealing to me (I really enjoyed HZD though). Haven't played breath of the wild yet though.

The_Sage135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

That's pretty much what the article said, paintedgamer.

InTheLab135d ago

Its interesting the author calls it the beat game of 2017 yet piles on about its numerous flaws that nearly everyone that plays the game glosses over.

Take thecharacters, for example. Never once did I feel like I needed to know more about anyone in the game, yet almost each new npc tou met in horizon had a story to tell and with the facial animations and brilliant voice acting, it made it far more enjoyable that the random grunts and noises of BotW.

The combat of one greatly dwarfs the other. If you enjoyed the combat of BotW then your standards are fairly low as it was as disappointing as it gets.

The map of Horizon was far more densely packed with life and unique life at that. While in BotW you could run for twenty minutes before you encountered anything other the a variation of the limited enemies in the game.

The physics are the best thing about BotW and easily trumps Horizon. The way the environment responds to your actions is pretty damn cool but that's about it.

The story in Horizon is better. Voice acting.. animations....

I struggle to call BotW a good game let alone compare it to Horizon and certainly not GoW. I feel like next gen people will look back at BotW and regret jumping on the bandwagon love fest for an average game and the worst Zelda of the franchise

rainslacker135d ago

The only reason the two got compared was they had release dates very close to one another, and they were both big exclusives from the 2 of the big three. If they released further apart, I think the comparisons would have been minimal.

FinalFantasyFanatic134d ago

From your description it sounds like I wouldn't enjoy BoTW, they would have been better off with a smaller map if they couldn't add enough to keep the open world entertaining.

135d ago
TedCruzsTaint135d ago

"Horizon was better in almost every way"
That's definitely an opinion you could have.

whitbyfox135d ago

Breath of the Wild 97 on Metacritic.

Horizon 89 on Metacritic.

What an absolute tool.

Horizon isn’t even the best game on PS4.

Utter, utter tool.

CarlDechance134d ago you let Metacritic determine how much like a game? Metacritic is a guide for buying games, not for telling you whether you liked or disliked a game.

kneon134d ago

The article even says that basically everything is better in HZD. Yet they ranked BOTW higher, it's that old Nintendo nostalgia bonus points again bumping up review scores.

MrSwankSinatra134d ago

Horizon was boring as crap, screw what you're talking about.

Kos-Mos92d ago

Yeah, the game you mentioned hzd made such an impact on the gaming industry...
In some rare cases (like this) opinions should just be kept quiet.

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