Gamecyte: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway review


"Graphics look pretty dang good - use of depth of field, lighting, and other effects really help to make the game look sharp, but there is an odd bit of texturing on some of the closeups that flicker at times. Audio is decent - my only complaint here is that the voice actors for the characters are all too close in tone and delivery that I really only got a feel for the characters once I enabled subtitles.

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway stays pretty consistent with the previous games in the series, and makes a nice shooter/tactical challenge, but is a rather straightforward game once you've gotten the basic strategy down and doesn't offer much once you complete the relatively short campaign. I felt the title lacked luster, and amid my general exhaustion of WWII games and the ways it allowed me to avoid the intended gameplay, I couldn't put my finger on anything that made BIA:HH a top notch title."

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