Arizona Sunshine Dead Man DLC Coming to PSVR Soon

Pure PlayStation: PSVR players have had to wait an extra couple of months for Arizona Sunshine’s Dead Man DLC while PCVR players have been enjoying the expansion for a while. The developers behind the game, Vertigo Games/Jaywalkers Interactive, have now confirmed that the Dead Man DLC will be releasing on PSVR in the very near future.

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Profchaos78d ago

Awesome this game plays so good with the aim controller. I've played both the vive and psvr versions the graphics might suck in comparison but the psvr with aim controls are super immersive

isarai78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Have they fixed the shaking/tracking issue with the aim controller yet? that's pretty much the only thing that has kept me from buying this

Profchaos78d ago

People have designed ways to mitigate it mostly standing close and messing around with the camera. But nothing official.

I feel like they did need more lights on the rear of the control at the bottom just somthing to help keep your riffle straight in games.

Some games are worse then others still bravo team was unplayable and doom performed quite well same as arizona sunshine they had issues at times but were fixed easily enough

isarai77d ago

Well no i mean specifically for arizona sunshine, i have an aim and vr and ive played plenty if other games with the aim like fairpoint which i have zero issues with shaking. But thats the main complaint everyone has about arizona is the gun shake

Venox200877d ago

i think they released quite a few patches in the past..I think its more or less alright now

crazyCoconuts77d ago

Yeah at launch they couldn't handle aim down sight with the aim controller. Probably because of the way the lights line up. That's been fixed for a while. Much better now, like Farpoint

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Apocalypse Shadow78d ago

Finally bought Arizona sunshine yesterday. The sale was too good to pass up more than once. And since I have the Aim controller, more options of play style.

More content is always good.