A Major World Of Warcraft Character Turned Evil, And Fans Are Freaking Out

There are heel turns, and then there’s what World of Warcraft’s Sylvanas Windrunner—current leader of the game’s Horde faction—did in a new short released by Blizzard yesterday. She torched the World Tree, a major Alliance landmark, and slaughtered countless innocent night elves in the process. Now Horde players are revolting.

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Vrabstin1090d ago

I'm not a huge WOW player but... Hasn't Sylvanas shown signs these past few years of something else going on, or breaking down? This comes as no surprise to me.

Kostche1090d ago

She has always been heading towards this arc in her story

rainslacker1090d ago

She's always been kind of evil. Maybe not so much evil, but certainly willing to perform genocide or do terrible things to win a war. She sided with the forsaken and all that.

Bismarn1090d ago

Okay so I don't want to hear anyone complain when I bitch about Last Jedi. I honestly didn't know WoW had kept going after the panda expansion. I've started, end-gamed, and left 6 MMO's since I played WoW. They could make it all a dream for I care.

Kostche1090d ago

Revolting? the only sad thing with this whole thing is that the tree was not filled with filthy dirty blood elfs, as Horde player Sylvanas has always been heading towards this, and Horde players crying because we burnt the world tree a Alliance land mark... LULZ GOOD, burn it down, filthy Alliance, its just shame the one TRUE HORDE, the IRON HORDE was not still around instead the weak crap one we have to play as

mkis0071090d ago

Id love to watch the story from vanilla to now...but that gameplay is so sooo dated for an mmo. I never had the money to play it when it first came out so I mossed the window.

Kosic1089d ago

Most quests have been revamped to a higher quality compared to Vanilla. Sure there are still fetch quests, kill x and y etc.

But the major side stories can go deep. Also it's free to level 20.

mkis0071089d ago

I tried playing to level 20 but I got tired at lvl 18 about 2 years ago. I am used to the more active combat of Guild wars 2 which wasn't sub based when the original released in 2005. I got hooked on the story and didnt have to worry about paying a sub.

Stationary combat is so foreign to me now. It's a shame because the lore looks so deep. But I can't play just for the lore if I don't "feel" the gameplay.

Kosic1089d ago

This was a fairly gripping moment as well. Nothing in the past seems too come close with showing the true war between the forsaken and the alliance.

I'm curious of how the horde show the alliance they are just puppets in a mad cows mind.