Activision Is Interested in Cloud Streaming, But Feels the Tech Isn't Ready Just Yet

Activision is in talks with cloud streaming providers, but there is still work to be done before the tech is ready for mainstream adoption.

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Hitman076981d ago

Correct. Cloud streaming is trash. Don't forget what happened to that joke of a platform OnLive. Ubisoft CEO is trying to make something reality by just repeating himself over and over but how many times will the press let him cry wolf about "this console gen being the last" before they realize he has no authority on such a subject... foolish...

darthv7280d ago

So you choose OnLive as your example instead of Gaikai? OnLive didnt have the financial backing to improve things but Gaikai does thanks to Sony. The infrastructure is much different now than it was then and the idea is sound.

kevnb80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Gaikai is still pretty horrible. I don’t understand why anyone is even bothering with streaming when powerful hardware is more and more affordable every year. Every other industry is moving away from server side and letting the client side do most of the work, why can’t they see the trends?

Mr_Wilson81d ago

This is Activision. The tech will be deemed ready when they find a way to charge $90+ for their annual Call of Duty release.