GameShark: Dead Space Review

GameShark writes: "It wasn't the quivering slab of flesh walking on arterial tendrils that got to me. It wasn't the elevator door's momentary lag as boney scythes clawed at the edge, nor the vacant gaze of a woman casually slitting her own throat. The moment of hopeless dread came at the precipice of a breached hull, overlooking the breadth of the Ishimura, the Alaska-sized hole in the planet below, and the light-years of empty space beyond. I was alone in the purest sense of the word, and for a moment, I wondered if letting myself drift into the void could be any worse than facing the creatures that lurked inside.

The USG Ishimura was a space-borne mining vessel capable of stripping and processing entire planets, and a home for thousands of workers. By the time Isaac Clarke and his two companions were stranded by a crash landing, the Ishimura had become a drifting coffin for the stretched, disfigured, and reanimated corpses of its former occupants. With bones forced into grisly blades and faces haphazardly contorted into mockeries of humanity, they poured from the ventilation shafts in a tidal wave of entrails. Gunfire and screams rang through Isaac's ears as he did the only thing a sane man could – he ran like hell."

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pansenbaer3702d ago

I started my third play through this morning. This truly is a fantastic game.