Nintendo Is Doing Its Own Thing, And That's Great.

GameRVW rounds off its look at the major console producers with Nintendo, the fun-loving counterpart to their all business colleagues at Sony and Microsoft.

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TheColbertinator79d ago

Nintendo stands out. It takes its own road away from the "me too me too" paths that every other console maker and publisher take for that easy money. However its bold to stand out and even more impressive to see your unique approach bring in great success.

shinoff218379d ago

While I like the switch, I'll never use the portability option. I do think it has benefits like if I'm using the tv the kids or my girl are able to play the switch still so that's pretty good. I personally just like to game on the tv. They are standing out for sure, but I couldn't see it taking over my ps4 as my primary console. The ps4/switch combo works well for me. I get to play switchs exclusives and ps4 exclusives but I buy my multis for ps4. Nintendo has gad a great deal of success standing out though look at the wii.

bouzebbal79d ago

and that's what we gamers want.
we dont want the consoles with the same software.
i hope all 3 adopt different approaches next gen with PS5 and next xbox being very different too.

BehindTheRows79d ago

My PS4 has a whole host of games not available on either of the competing platforms. Plenty of exclusives to play. Sure, lots of 3rd party games (which has always been the case with competing machines - the 16-bit era consoles shared a nice chunk of the libraries, for example), but that's besides the point as a "gamer" (an arbitrary term anyway).

If you actually value the hobby, then you should applaud any effort to strengthen it. Sony has done that tenfold with PlayStation...every gen. Xbox is weaker (in regards to games), but they, too, offer something that people like. Nintendo takes the road that they do because trying to compete directly isn't a working formula for them. However, they still cater to people that love this hobby.

Perhaps it's just easier for me to appreciate what each of them has to offer.

Elda79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

They are doing their own thing something Nintendo usually does which can be a good thing & most of the time it works for them. The Switch seems like it's doing pretty well with that said no shade but it seems that I'm just not attracted to most of their exclusive library otherwise I would have bought one by now.