The 10 Highest Earning Video Game Publishers in Fiscal 2018

Twinfinite writes "For the video game industry, the past 12 months have been memorable. Major video game publishers now have three superb platforms to launch their software, and the increasing relevance of the mobile game market continues to prove a hugely lucrative new market. Here, we’re reviewing the highest earning publishers in 2018."

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paintedgamer1984167d ago

Sony leading the pack as usual 🤗

bluefox755167d ago

Yep, it's not even close.

paintedgamer1984167d ago

They really are hitting their stride, its kind of remarkable to see a 5 year old console beating out the Nintendo switch. After switches 1st year i totally expected it to dominate.

167d ago
Rude-ro167d ago

Your whole view is off. That is why it does not make sense.
There are core numbers of the commercial brand software...
But where Sony dominates is install base per their wide variety of games they offer.
This opens the door to a wider variety of sales across different genres.
Not increasing sales for a specific title or titles like cod.
Doing 60% more sales is double. That is 60% more than the competition on top of the matching sales already. That is a large difference because that is more individuals.
But the niche titles do not add larger sales due to the install, but they sales the other console do not due to offering it.
The percentage wars per your comment do not exist because regardless, it is less money due to a smaller install base.
Example, you have two pieces of gum vs my one, you only have 50% more gym than I do.

doggo84166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

"It tells me Microsoft is doing exceedingly well somewhere in their gaming revenue where Sony is not."

Haha adorable. That's a cute little story you have there (referring to your whole comment) . It's a bunch of bull,
but adorable nonetheless, and Since you tried to go there (and failed miserably):

What it tells me is that Sony is focused on bringing games (hence why they have dominated Microsoft all generation long and will continue to do so) whereas Microsoft focuses on bringing the services.

No doubt gamepass has a hand in closing the gap (nothing to write home about) in revenue... However, in saying that, Trust a desperate xbox fanboy to try and spin a resounding loss into a win.

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gamer1138167d ago

What a useless list. Ofcourse Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be top. This includes hardware, accessories and subscription revenue the other publishers don’t have.

I thought it was going to be an actual list based on software sales.

Eonjay167d ago

If it's just based on games we know Ubisoft is first and Sony is second thanks to Farcry 5 and God of War respectively.

TomatoDragon167d ago

Sony straight up murdered the rest.