Tesla’s next software update will bring Atari games to its in-car display

Elon Musk announced in a tweet on Monday that Tesla’s 9.0 vehicle software update will feature a few playable Atari games as Easter eggs in the vehicles in-car display.

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strayanalog77d ago

As big as that center touch screen is, I think a game in the vein of Pokemon Go would be rewarding, like Pedestrian Go. "Gotta hit them all!" would be a great tagline.

Neonridr77d ago

lol, adding games to a car display is a bad idea in general in my books. I mean at least Tesla's have a few self-drive features while on the highways in case the driver wanted to get in a quick game of Missle Command while on their way to work. But you are just asking for trouble by giving drivers more distractions for them.

KnowTechie77d ago

According to Musk, the games can only be played when the vehicle is parked.

Neonridr76d ago

@KnowTechie - well that is good to hear at least :P

although I am sure there will be some workaround ;)