Why people still keep playing Grand Theft Auto 5's story mode

The game is a record-breaking success story like no other and has single-handedly helped gaming rise to new heights of mainstream interest and acceptance these past few years – but much of that can be attributed to the game’s multiplayer mode, GTA Online.

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Garethvk169d ago

I only play Online when I do play.

Jrios355168d ago

And there's nothing wrong with that. It's what you preffer playing, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. The people who thumbed you down don't seem to want to acknowledge and respect someone else's opinions and preferences.

Garethvk168d ago

Thank you. I did play the campaign I just prefer to play most of my time online.

NXFather168d ago

Like most but, thats not gonna go over well on this site.

169d ago
CrimsonWing69169d ago

because it's hilarious and fun?

Skankinruby169d ago

Hilarious and fun, definitely. But also impossible to take seriously or even care about finishing.

Flewid638169d ago

Literally the only GTA story I ever thought was worth finishing.

KwietStorm169d ago

Guess I just got brainwashed into finishing the game. Hate when that happens.

JackBNimble168d ago

Ya me too, finished it like 5 times

xRacer74x168d ago

Wow I have finished over GTA since 3 multiple times each.

shinoff2183168d ago

Maybe for you, I enjoyed the story mode from start to finish. The secret cult part was pretty entertaining

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AK91169d ago

Do they I thought most people only cared for Online and nothing else, it's sad honestly GTA 5 is Rockstars best least until RDR 2.

instantstupor169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

I hope RDR2 is considerably better. I keep trying GTAs and just being completely let down by them. I know other people love them, and I want to love them too, but I sadly just don't ever seem to be able to understand their appeal. Their metacritic scores completely confound me lol

capjacksparrow168d ago

Don't worry, you're not the only one. The metascore on GTAIV made me think I was missing out on something. It's one of the few games I haven't beaten (that I've started). I do really like Red Dead Redemption though. I'll be getting RDR 2 for sure.

UnSelf168d ago

GTA IV did not at all deserve a 10. And this is coming from someone who believes GTA V is arguably the best game ever made.

Also coming from a guy who only thought the GTA series was a solid 9-9.5.

But GTAV is by far the greatest game. Even with all of its bullsh*t online flaws, its still better than anything ive ever played.

instantstupor168d ago

@capjacksparrow Thanks for the solidarity! I knew I'd get an avalanche of downvotes; in a positive GTA5 article, and a game tons of people play and still enjoy. Certainly knew it wouldn't be a popular opinion, but tried to phrase it respectfully so people knew I wasn't crapping on what they enjoy - just that I didn't get it and that I hoped, like they hope, that the next thing Rockstar puts out is their best game ever.

@UnSelf I'm glad that GTA5 has given you so much enjoyment! I like open world games and such, but something about GTA has just never felt right to me for some reason. I liked the older games OK, but never fell in love with them either. I've just come to the realization that it is one of those rare series that everyone loves that just ends up not being for me. I hate it when that happens though lol.

sKiiTs8168d ago

I feel you. GTA V was good without being fantastic imo - I don't ever remember feeling like it was 95+ metacritic.
I feel like it's just the ideal game for people who either don't love games, or love games where they can do whatever they want to do.

shinoff2183168d ago

If it's not your cup of tea then it's just not. I feel that way about elder scrolls and much prefer fallout

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Red dead redemption 1 is their best game not gta5

annoyedgamer169d ago

Knowtechie is clickbait, they literally scrap together random things for clicks and submit it to Newsboiler sites.

letsa_go168d ago

Thanks, I won't bother giving them clicks now! Another trash website to add to the list.

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