Capcom says it will 'explore' the possibility of more remakes and re-releases

Perhaps we are to get more remakes. Resident Evil 3, anyone?

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Spurg169d ago

Breath of fire.....Thank you

Movefasta1993169d ago

i forgot that was their ip, I only played 3 but it was amazing

leahcim169d ago

3 is the best but try to play 4 (Dragon Quarter) you might fall in love with the game.

michellelynn0976169d ago

I loved BOF. I was so sad when Capcom quit doing them.

FinalFantasyFanatic168d ago

3 was so good, if only they did another console release instead of mobile.

Minimox16168d ago

OMG yes Breath of Fire 3 is one of my favorite RPG of all time
@Leahcim 4 its not dragon quarter, 4 was for psone too, dragon quarter was for ps2 i never play that tough

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Bleucrunch168d ago

OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGGGG bless your heart. Talk about a game that is worth of not only a remake but a continuation.....please capcom.

DivineAssault 169d ago

So many possibilities. We'll see if they follow through

-Foxtrot169d ago

Resident Evil 3
Dino Crises
Devil May Cry (then they can totally rework DMC2 to be better)
Mega Man

SilverDemon169d ago

We are already getting new mega Man game
RE2 remake

I rather see other IPs getting the treatment over more games from the same IPs

-Foxtrot169d ago

We're not talking about new games we're talking about remakes...

SilverDemon169d ago

My point is:
Let other IPs get some love instead of focusing on 2-3 IPs getting remake for every installment

We are already getting re2 remake so instead of doing re3, why not doing dino crisis first?or onimusha?

-Foxtrot169d ago

Are you serious? You tell me to let other IPs get some love then say...

"Instead of RE3 how about Dino Crises"

I MENTIONED DINO CRISES ABOVE...I don't understand, did you read my comment?

"focusing on 2-3 IPs getting remake for every installment"

Yeah because we've really had a lot of RE remakes and DMC ones huh. Oh wait. Maybe the older titles you mention need sequels first.

SilverDemon168d ago

What im trying to say is: we are getting re2 remake and it's too early for re3 remake. I don't want it to be like yakuza games where every year we get new remake/remaster. Let other IPs getting some love first (i wish sega would take a break from remastering yakuza and remaster persona3 ).

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AdonisIsBeast169d ago

Would really enjoy RE8 to be of the same quality as RE2 is shaping up to be, combined with the excellent progression of RE4, with the nostalgic co-op of RE5. Personally enjoy playing through these scares with a friend.

-Foxtrot169d ago

I was with you until co-op...

Why would you want them to add one of the elements that lead to the franchises downfall. Have you read what RE5 was going to be before they added co-op, changing everything? It's heartbreaking.

AntiZeal0t169d ago

@foxtrot I remember reading those articles about RE 5 pre co-op and I was so excited, only for 90% of the horror elements to be dimmed by the coop

AdonisIsBeast169d ago


That’s what you’re missing. It did not fail due to co-op. Some could argue it continues to sell to this day from the co-op aspect. It failed due to horrible progression and cheap action focused unmemorable setpieces. In my opinion there’s no reason why you can’t have an excellent horror game to travel through with a friend. The execution just needs to be on point

-Foxtrot169d ago

It did fail because of the co-op lets be honest

Having a friend with and helping you does not make a survival horror game...then when people want a solo game guess what? They can't because they put you with a AI partner as the game is built up with co-op in mind, two people to open a door, two people to get across a gap, two people to work together on a boss. It's awful for a RE game.

"In my opinion there’s no reason why you can’t have an excellent horror game to travel through with a friend"

The reason we haven't had one yet is because it can't work without it not being a horror game, Resident Evil tried, it failed, Dead Space tried, it failed. They become something else and become a shadow of their former self's.

If you can read this and I mean all of it and still think co-op wasn't the main problem of RE5 then you are lying to yourself. It changed the entire game.

Tyrants, Zombies, better developed villains, Barry, more Jill, so had it all

CBaoth169d ago

Co-op isn't the problem. RE5 didn't fail at all. It sold 7.3 million copies and was until recently, Capcom's best selling game of all-time. The irony is the 3 most hated RE games are three best selling RE games. I crack a smile at the toxic RE fanboys who pine away for fixed camera angles, archaic tank controls, and one dimensional characters all the while never realizing horror in and of itself is finite. The genre is short-lived; I mean you can only be scared once before it loses its fear factor. That's why I applaud Capcom for constantly re-inventing the IP. Every game in the series may be not your cup of tea but lasting nearly 20 years in a sea of dead IPs (pun intended) is mighty impressive

AdonisIsBeast168d ago

I love how he says I’m lying to myself, lol. Like he knows how I gauge and analyze

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Chaosdreams169d ago

If RE2 sells well, then I imagine they'd go for a RE3 remake, and if that does amazing, well sky is the limit - no - the stars!

manabyte77169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

I’d rather see those resources spent on new entries. RE7 and Monster Hunter Worlds were fantastic. I’m sure DMC 5 will be great too. I get the need for these remasteres/remakes for the revenue stream, but I really wish Capcom would put more effort into new games.

Cmv38169d ago

Based on monster hunter world sales, you don't have anything to worry about