Alan Wake - New Trailer / Screens / Homepage

Remedy has finally updated their Alan Wake - Homepage including new screenshots and the brandnew trailer that has just been shown in some movie theatres before the premiere of the Max Payne movie.

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Omega43743d ago

OMG thats trailer was epic, if this comes out in 2009 its got a HUGE chance of being GOTY

Fishy Fingers3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Your basing GOTY potential on a trailer? Let alone you havent seen half the games out next year. Way to set yourself up for a possible disapointment.

But yes it does look really good, hopefully it not stupidly demanding like Crysis, I know Intel used it some time ago to show case their CPUs (Quad core I believe) so hopefully they've kept it inline with current (or around time of release, current) hardware.

NO_PUDding3743d ago

Yep, I am guessing this is the PC version... It would be insane to show the 360 version.

But even so, the graphics aren't as good as the picture for the story here.

You can see.

And polygons counts are lowww...

Omega43743d ago

"Your basing GOTY potential on a trailer?" Well yes what else to i have to base it on, apart from the fact Remedy arent known to produce crap and MS is publishing it and the last time MS published a 3rd party game we got Gear of War and Mass Effect so.......

Plus i doubt the PC version will be that demanding if the 360 is the lead platform

Fishy Fingers3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Well how about you take it for what it is, a trailer designed to "sell" the product, like every other trailer. Assuming something is as huge as GOTY at this stage is ridiculous, as I'm sure your aware if you think about it.

360 is lead platform? Got a link for that. PC and 360 game, built on a PC, show casing PC hardware, but 360 is the lead? Link please.

THWIP713743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

...scared to death his PC can't handle Alan Wake, and he'll have to buy a 360. :D

Dude, just STFU with your hypocritical nonsense. PS3 fans have been saying MUCH worse about PS3 exclusives like MGS4, KZ2, and LBP, when only trailers had been released. Omega merely said it had "a chance", which is MUCH more grounded and realistic. This is the "Gamer Zone"....let the "gamers" be excited about their anticipated games. If you can't be exctied WITH them, then CLEARLY your comments belong >>>>>>.

@ NoPudding...

That was just pathetic, man. Everybody knows you're pro-PS3...but your comment about the graphics was just plain IGNORANT. Take your blind butt >>>>>>

TheTwelve3743d ago

If I was a 360 owner I'd be excited by that. Graphics did look kinda blocky but the story concept based on the soundbites is rather intriguing. We'll see how this turns out as time passes.


Fishy Fingers3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

LOL already got 2 mate, don't think I need 3. I'm a PC gamer at heart, it's my chosen platform, and that is my prerogative. I play computer games, you play computer games, we all play computer games so why feel the need to ridicule each other over platform or format?

Any game available on console and PC i'll take on PC primarily and pick up console version if my friends do so I can play with them.

Why does platform matter to you so much, this is also a PC game so why cant I comment from a PC angle. N4G is just for console gamers huh bro?

PS3Diablo3743d ago

@ Omega4 - funny how you mention only gears and mass effect as games published by MS, did you forget about the massive flops they published like NG2, Too Human, Tenchu Z, Vampire Rain, Ninety-Nine Nights, Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery, Perfect Dark Zero and probably more...

marinelife93743d ago

Is the entire trailer CGI?

juuken3743d ago

...I'm sure the game will probably be good for 360 owners but you have other contenders for GOTY. :/

Richdad3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

NG2 and Lost Odyssey where not bad games or even flops.

Dread3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

To 9.1

Los Odyssey is not a flop! (It is actually an awsome game).

much less a massive flop.

same goes to Too Human (way over hyped), infinite undiscovery and Perfect dark (they were not perfect, no doubt, but they were not flops, much less massive flops)

and by the way

lets not forget how sony fans have raved about killzone 2 from 2005 (E3) until about 2007, based solely on CG.

And for the record i do not judge games on trailers period.

Alan Wake could suck for all i know.

b gamers not haters


3743d ago
xhi43743d ago

Alan Awake game of the year?


but some other contenders that I think are in with a chance include God of War 3, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5, War Devil and White Knight Chronicles.

None of the aforementioned are also on the PC....

Premonition3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Your real funny Omega, when it comes to any 360 titles its AAA, or epic or just out of this world, but when a sony trailer is posted up your quick to shoot it down talk down about etc. This just goes to show you what kind of person you are, your not fooling anyone not even a blind person with that FFXIII avatar.

CliffordM Bleszinski3743d ago

the graphics are slightly better than gta4's. its not the best looking console game ive seen. the characters look great though, but the textures in the environment needs some work. overall its not up to uncharted's graphics but its close. maybe they can get it to look better like gears 2.

mt3743d ago

we don't know the goty of 2008 yet you by trailer just decided it is 2009 goty

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3743d ago

Northern westcoast, Little town by a lake, tourist attraction, single guy arrives by car, insane locals, dark night with flashlight...come one ring a bell? Well probably not the majoirty if you are xbox fans and have never even heard of silent hill for the original playstation one. If you had you would see this alan wake as a complete knock-off of storyline...typical american developers littel minds so they steal others ideas

BWS19823743d ago

Why is this a nationality issue? Where the hell are you getting your assumptions there?

Personally, I would love to play this game, been a Remedy fan simply from Max Payne.

B-Rein3742d ago

i dunno, Tha facial and the movments in this game look a bit stiff (kinda like gta arm swinging movements). Is that supposed to be in CG 0.o i was expecting a bit more from this game.

owell the constrution of the trailer looks good but resi 5 is wayyyyyyyyyyy better

(b4 xbox fans start disagreein and takin ma bubbles, relax im also a xbox owner chek my profile b4 you start flame war)

RebornSpy3742d ago

at least for a game that won't come out for a while. I'm sure it look even better upon release. The story seems really interesting too, though not really a ripoff of Silent Hill by "typical American developers".

I don't really like horror games, but this one seems very interesting.

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rebirthofcaos3743d ago


it looks as another silent hill >< and i hate silent hill a little

Diamondwolf3743d ago

I'm a little worried about this game. All the hype that was already built up without any game play whatsoever is making me wonder if it's going to be another Alone in the Dark. That had a VERY VERY similar trailer and I got excited about that game until I actually played it :/

Here's Hoping that Remedy can actually put good gameplay in it, and if it's as good as their previous games, then I'll be relieved.

Mozilla893743d ago

But this game reminded me of Heavy Rain, they look kinda similar. Although I wish the main character didn't look so damn depressed. The actual character looks great! Even if those screens are from a PC build I'm pretty sure the 360 can come at least close to pulling it off.

However the rest of the game looks a I know someone said blocky but I was thinking blurry or just regular. Its like the character looks amazing but the rest of the environment doesn't match the detail. Just my opinion though.

Doppy3743d ago

It did give a Silent Hill kind of vibe. I hope it's not, but that's what it looks like.

I'm really hoping this game turns out to be something good. Remedy has been working on this game forever, and it would suck for them to put all that time into something that turns out to be underwhelming.

I think this game is going to compared to Heavy Rain, since they're coming out around the same year, and both seem to be heavily story driven. I wish the best of luck to both microsoft and remedy with this one.

FreestyleBarnacle3743d ago

Is it just me waiting a long time for the trailer to appear? It's just endemic...

chrizzl0r3743d ago

You've got to press button 1. Same problem here.

FreestyleBarnacle3743d ago

To be honest it was my slow connection but I couldn't resist turning it into the obvious joke. Mea culpa.

dhammalama3743d ago

I'll definitely continue to watch this game.

u got owned3743d ago

That looks awesome, great tailer.