How Should PlayStation Handle Platinum Trophy Shovelware?

On this episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and Kyle welcome back their good friend Bobby The Nintendo Guru. As they discuss, GameStop current business model. With the cancelation of the PowerUp Pro Elite Membership, what are some other changes the company needs to address the current increase in digital sales. Sony teams up with Girls Make Games, to inspire young girls to create their own games. The gang, discusses the growing shovelware hitting the PlayStation store, and how some devs are making games with easy platinum trophies, and whether or not Sony should intervene, lastly Spider-Man hep continues as Insomniac announces that Spider-Man PS4 goes gold!

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DeadManMMX902d ago

They shouldn't every game should have a platinum. Easy period. People choose to buy a game just for a platinum. It is a free choice how they WANT to spend their money. If anything just make sure the game is an actual game if real effort was put into it should get a platinum. A game like SOMA that I finished two years ago or so it should have had a platinum. A game like Contrast that luanched with PS4 should have had a platinum. Any real game should have a platinum and shovel ware by definition just shouldnt be on PS4 or any store to begin with.