LittleBigPlanet in shelves but not for sale

User Lopaka at the forum shares his story at the local Target.

"I arrived at my local target this morning and to my suprise the game was on the shelf!! My heart started to pound and I couldn't hold back my grin. I asked an associate to get the game for me and they did. As we walked over to the cash register I was filled with joy. Then he scanned it. Once. Twice. Three times. 'I am sorry sir there appears to be a recall on this' :-(. Then he took them all off the shelf."

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billmo3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I got mine yesterday... Awesome game... I love it!

BTW... I think the banned song is good!

EDIT: Im in Canada, I got it at some small shop called Video Game Plus. Never even heard of the place before yesterday. Just looked in the yellow pages, third place I called said "come and get it". So I bought 2(had to get one for my buddy). Hope that helps.

Pennywise3702d ago

From what store? What country are you in?

Mr_Bun3702d ago

And I have never heard of that place either!

Siesser3702d ago

wow; way to just out the store there >_> You do realize they can face a fine for doing that?

drtysouf 213702d ago

From Game Tag formly Game Crazy. At work till this evening so can't play.

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whothedog3702d ago

F wal-mart!

I drove 15-20 min to go get a copy, I called before hand and said they could sell it to me, but when I get there, of course they realize that they couldn't. WALMART SUCKS!

Mr_Bun3702d ago

I went 1st thing this morning only to have the same thing...I called and was told that they had just got them in...went down there and "Do Not Sell"...well you know the rest...Soooo Close!

solidjun53702d ago

I was there and I asked for it but they couldn't sell it to me. V_V

pansenbaer3702d ago

I was about to stop by Target this morning, but I thought to myself, "I've got another couple of play throughs of Dead Space to go through and Far Cry 2 comes out tomorrow." I'll be fine for another week.

himdeel3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago ) article about someone committing a robbery-steal of LBP from some retailer. You know it's coming...because it's too tempting the game being right there but you cannot play it.

Killjoy30003702d ago

Me too.....

...We should form a crew...

TheNewerGuy3702d ago

that sucks,i placed an order on ebay for it!

tehReaper3702d ago

What for 100 bucks? Haha. You're pretty dumb. You paid 40 dollars for minus a week long wait.

You're on N4G ALL the time, I doubt you'll even play this for more than a couple hours. Then it's back to trolling, eh?

Not hating on the game, as I love it. I'm hating on you.

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The story is too old to be commented.