WorthPlaying: Legendary Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "As any gamer worth his salt knows, this is one heck of a season for video games, which massive title after massive title hitting every system. From blockbusters such as Fallout 3 and Little Big Planet to surprise hits like Dead Space, the blows to a gamer's wallet keep on coming. In the deluge of games, it isn't surprising that some are going to get lost in the rush, and Legendary is one of those. A first-person shooter that has the misfortune to be released on the same day as Fallout 3 and Little Big Planet may be overshadowed by the bigger titles. If gamers can have their eyes drawn away, though, there may be something in Legendary to interest them.

Legendary thrusts players into the shoes of Charles Deckard, an expert thief who is hired by the mysterious Mr. LeFay, leader of the Black Order. He's hired to steal Pandora's Box for a local museum; instead of the legendary item from mythology, Pandora's Box is a powerful magical artifact of unknown origin. Unfortunately, Deckard is tricked into opening the box, releasing the evils that dwell within onto an unsuspecting New York City. The "evils" are mythical beasts such as dragons, werewolves, the Kraken and various other nasties. On top of that, the box brands Deckard with a mysterious signet on his hand. A marked man in more way than one, Deckard is forced to flee for his life, both from the creatures he unleashed and the Black Order, who has orders to kill him on sight. Only his partner Vivian and the mysterious Council of 89 are left to help him recover Pandora's Box from the Black Order and seal away the monsters that he unleashed."

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