No Man’s Sky Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro Comparison: Microsoft’s Console Leads With Better Image Quality

No Man's Sky NEXT is an absolute looker on both consoles- with a few hiccups.

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DarkVoyager992d ago

“Microsoft’s Console Leads With Better Image Quality“

So the more powerful console performs better? Mind blown.

TheRealTedCruz991d ago

Would have been nice if this site followed the same, indifferent attitude when it was just the Xbox One and PS4 original.

TheRealTedCruz990d ago


Umm ... far from.
Guess we were visiting a different N4G the first few years following the release of the systems.

mkis007990d ago

in that case the more powerful console was also less expensive.

Ju990d ago

Those were to be equivalent and cost the same, no? While here there is a clear difference with one costing $100 more.

UnHoly_One990d ago

I'm sorry, but graphics comparisons were never done with an asterisk next to them that said which system was cheaper.

They were straight up comparisons, then people jumped on here and acted like complaint idiots at EVERY SINGLE one of them, even though, just like this one the results were obvious.

It was pathetic.

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Vizigoth04990d ago

I keep thinking in my mind, I thought Xbox One X was supposed to be next gen. PS4/Xbox One, PS4 Pro/Xbox One S, Xbox One X/PS5. I mean the Xbox one X was such a huge leap above Xbox One S compare to PS4 pro from PS4. At 6.2 teraflops and 12 gigs of RAM is should have better visuals. Like X360 to Xbox One kind of difference

Jinger990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Ps4/Xbox one, Ps4 Slim/Xbox one S, Ps4 Pro/Xbox one X, Ps5/Xbox whatevertheF

Not that hard to figure out. The Xbox one X is still a part of the Xbox one family and not a next generation console.

990d ago
nveenio990d ago

Now that X is out and everyone can see that it takes more than numbers to make a leap, no one cares or brags about it anymore. And when they do, it's stretching it.

WorldGamer991d ago

I'm glad XBOX owners can finally play this game. I purchased it day one, and like everyone, I was a bit disappointed, but the hate for this game is really unwarranted. Granted, it's not for everyone, but it wasn't a bad game at all. Unfortunate that the hype created by some choice words by Sean Murray garnered the backlash it did. Glad they are finally back on track.

If you like chill games to just pass the time, this should be your jam.

81BX991d ago

Picked it up but haven't had the time to start it yet. Hope its fun

Ju990d ago

I finally picked it up again. What was my initial turn off was, that this games throws you into the cold water in the beginning and I got frustrated because I had no idea what to do dying on radiation and all. Now that I have a better handle on it, it could be THE next Elite which I played like crazy back in the 80s (Elite Dangerous isn't it for some reason).

Silly Mammo991d ago

It's really not news that a game looks better on the X than the Pro. It would be news if it doesn't look better.

Cmv38990d ago

And that still wouldn't be news.

AK91991d ago

Too bad the only difference with NEXT is that they changed one of the worst games ever made to a mediocre one but then again that in itself is a success.

boing1990d ago

One of the worst games ever made?? Dude...smh. Have you made any game lately?

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