The 10 Most Over-Hyped Games Of This Generation

Some games just fail to meet the level of hope and expectation drubbed up by pre-release hype. This is a list of the ten biggest offenders of the generation so far.

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Le-mo3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

1) Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pennywise3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )


Seriously a 10 list with 10 pages?? GTFO

maggotmx3706d ago

Im sorry but for haze n lair to be after halo 3 is beyond stupid... halo3 shoulve at least been 1 no doubt

TheNewerGuy3706d ago

Halo 3,God that game was trash

DELTABOY043706d ago

halo 3 was a major disappointment....single player sucked ass!!! its like a straight to dvd film lol...lame

FailStation33706d ago

we all know neither of you [email protected] have ever touched the game once let alone beat the AMAZING single player campaign.

what morons. keep making yourselves look dumb. super easy to do, eh?

that's right. keep pretending to hate the #1 franchise in gaming, just because you can't have it. sad f*cks. get a life.

Tmac3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Gotta agree Halo 3 is trash, It's the only game Xbox Fanboys hold up on a pedestal if only they knew how GAY it was to do that and how many people make fun of them for it lol.

Edit: Just like this queer right above my text lol, look at him go, look at him struggle!

zagibu3706d ago

@ Failstation3: The number 1 franchise in gaming is "The Sims".

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jaffa_cake3706d ago

sorry but gta 4 was a real let down, where was all the fun.

Pennywise3706d ago

I dont think I had any fun in that game... Maybe a little online.

Everytime you tried to do something devious or fun there would be a swat team on your ass and you are running for ever. Sucked the fun right out of it.

Nineball21123706d ago

and I also agree with Le-mo.

GTAIV was overhyped.

pp3706d ago

Little Big Poo
Resistance 2

Pennywise3706d ago

PP you are seriously brain damaged. Say no to inbreeding!

UltimateIdiot9113706d ago

Trolls are such a hazard to society. Lowering gamer's IQs since 1972.

Keele3706d ago

90% of this website is full of Ps3 fangirls and the majority of you are mentally impaired. It's impossible for him to lower your IQ when your IQ is probably the same as his.

PirateThom3706d ago

Last year it was 90% of XBox 360 fangirls, but the times, the times they are a-changin'.

GamerscoreWhores3706d ago

He has AIDS, don't you know?

Keele3706d ago

Yeah, they all hit the forums due to them not wanting to deal with all the sony fanboyist idiocy occuring here and I can't blame them. Hell even I should hit the forum.

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