How Forza has become king of the racers

Steve C shares his love of the Forza franchise and talks about how it has become the best racing series around.

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playnice901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

Well if "king of racers" means most games sold per release it couldn't be less accurate... That's like saying the movies with the most impact on the industry are those raking all the Oscars...

Edit: I do mean to say I would love to be able to play Forza and Forza Horizon on my playstation consoles. They are more to my liking than Gran Turismo games which I find to difficult but the later is by far most successful.

Dragonscale901d ago

Not accurate more like subjective.

nowitzki2004900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Its just writers opinion. thats all. xboxenthusiast writer btw lol

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JackBNimble900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Don't sales reflect what is the most popular?
I'm not saying Forza isn't a good game but how can you claim it to be the "King of racers" if it can't even compete with GranTurismo?

Sales do reflect which racer people are buying.

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Gaming4Life1981901d ago

Both forza horizon and forza motorsport are the best racers so is he really biased, forza owns arcade racing and simulation racing. People need to give credit when it's due.


Gran turismo has been out long before forza and a better game is just a better game regardless of sales. I used to live and die by gt but gt been fell off long time ago and that's just the truth.

ProjectVulcan900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Forza has been the better series for a long time now, if only by default since Gran Turismo is a weird mess of fragmented and sparse installments.

I was there when GT arrived, I was the biggest GT fan in this known universe playing every single game to death, the concepts and the prologues even, but Forza has been categorically better post GT5.

I absolutely hate this idea of GT Sport being a DLC driven title without a serious career mode, coming inconsistently in dribbles every few months. Like most GT fans from the great history of the series I want to sit down with a complete GT game and dive into a lengthy GT mode.

Forza offers that, GT does not. Forza now offers better overall and rounded GAMES, regardless of petty arguments about which looks slightly more realistic or which has slightly better physic simulations.

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Eonjay900d ago

Yes. Consumers choose whats best and GT still outsells Forza. This is more self congratulations. To make you feel better about the fact that YOU CAN NEVER force the public to buy something no matter how hard you scream in their face about how good you are. Only when you respect the choices of actual gamers instead of pretending to falsely represent them will you have an opportunity to win them over.

Hungryalpaca900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Forza isn’t even close to a sim wtf are you talking about? The physics are SO off.

I don’t even like racing games and I know it’s not remotely accurate.

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lxeasy901d ago

Forza is the Highest rated racing franchise... King of Racers.

hench07902d ago

Releasing AAA rated games with every release. No racing franchise even come close to Forza's critical acclaim.

And the fact they can do yearly instead of every 5 years is crazy.

Rude-ro901d ago

Ha! But cod is what exactly according to this same logic in this arena?
I understand what you are saying, but it exists so frequently just like the cod series does every year because it is the same reason.

nowitzki2004900d ago

And there is much better shooter than COD as well lol. Just like Forza, there is much better racers.

Team_Litt900d ago

"No racing franchise even come close to Forza's critical acclaim. "

Can the same be said of CoD?

NeoGamer232900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

I don't see a lot of call of duty games in the high 80's and 90's on Metacritic so your comparison is flawed.

Call of Duty main games have mostly been in the high 70's and very low 80's this gen.

There was one Forza main game at 82 on xbox one this generation and all other main games have been above 85.

SierraGuy900d ago

I'd rather play GT. I know great care and more work was put into the development.

For me it's the little things that make all the difference.

DragonbornZ900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

@ Rude-ro

Forza exists so frequently for the same reason, but in terms of reviews it does consistently score well (Forza) and very well (Forza Horizons) every time and a lot better than Call of Duty actually.
I remember seeing 9's on some reviews for cod games a while back, but the franchise hasn't consistently scored high like it used to since around Black ops 2.

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DarkVoyager902d ago

Don’t really care for Forza Motorsport anymore but Forza Horizon series are amazing.

sammarshall102902d ago

Forza Horizon 3 is the best racing game ever

Majors900d ago

FH3 is an excellent game and I totally enjoyed it (cant wait for FH4) I personally enjoyed it more the the mighty Gran Turismo as thats too stressful, too hard and the AI cheats...
But to say its the 'best racing game ever' is a bit OTT as its not really a racer as such and more of an exploration open world type game with races chucked in. But yeah its a great game

CarlDechance900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Burnout Paradise is, imo.

ApocalypseShadow902d ago

Biased and subjective article. It is the best on Xbox. I'll give it that.

To become the best on every platform, you must be considered the best in its genre without reviewer slant. Forza and its sidekick are good racers. I would even consider horizon the best open world racer on the market. Better than the crew, etc.

But forza the sim is not considered the best worldwide no matter how many slanted reviews are written. Last Gen, Microsoft was the leading platform in America with 360. And many sites, bloggers, magazines were compromised by Microsoft gifts, swag bags and advertising. They consistently downplayed Sony titles for offering things like "too much variety" while playing up Xbox titles. Or caught lying with comparison videos on YouTube or game trailers. Or just marked them down just because like Edge always did.

Forza could have been missing working spoilers, car detail, graphics detail, accurate and unwidened roads, advanced simulation and A.I.,car amounts, day and night cycles, weather, etc, and still got a better rating than GT that had those things included. It got a free pass in comparison because of bias.

Now Sony controls the market and those biased individuals and sites are no longer there or can't lie because Sony's games can be shared and truth shown without lies or bias. GT is still considered the best sim worldwide excluding its sales. While forza still lacks the detail(digital foundry) and simulation(FIA didn't approach turn-10) to beat it. And that's not opinion.

hench07902d ago

"Biased level over 9000"

Works both ways

Godmars290901d ago

You forget how OG Xbox sold one million ahead of Gamecube, upwards to eighty million behind the PS2, yet was a *solid* #2 position.

Never understood that kind of mentality.

ApocalypseShadow900d ago

Digital foundry video proving GT detail superiority

FIA working with Sony and not turn 10 proves Sony's superior driving model for simulation on consoles.

GT's sales prove that it is still superior. It would not sell more than forza if it wasn't better. If forza is better, how come no one buys it and it's always given away in multiple bundles on Xbox?

Making a game easier for gamers to play instead of making a simulation shows that turn 10 can make a fun game, just not a true sim. Real driving requires discipline. And may not seem "fun."

Because, as we have seen, Sony's game produces real race car drivers from GT Academy. While there is no one heard of on the forza game that has produced real world drivers.

But you call that bias huh hench?

SierraGuy900d ago

GT is just a better game on all levels as proven here.

DigitalRaptor900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

You are correct, sir!

GRAN TURISMO SPORT is the better, more detailed sim than FORZA 7.

That is objectively true.

FORZA 7 doesn't even bother detailing such crucial things as pit stops:

ProjectVulcan900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Sales do not = quality. Popularity does not = superiority. It never has.

Precision of simulation does not = a better GAME. This is a video game after all, being slightly more realistic does not necessarily make anything a better game or more fun or more enjoyable to play.

Would it be fun if your shooter sim meant as soon as you died *ULTRA REALISM* the game was over permanently and you had to go and buy a new copy to start over? No.

For the vast majority of people video games are about their leisure and entertainment. In these respects for those people Forza is a much better GAME series at this point.

Luckily both series exist and people can buy either that is the best part. I buy both but Forza has been played so much more the past few years.

ApocalypseShadow900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

And lack of sales doesn't mean a game is always great. Or better than another game.

You also ignore the FIA,ignore GT's better driving model, ignore that the best players of GT can go on to drive professionally. While no one does that from forza.

There are plenty of driving sims,flight sims, boating sims,etc that may not be "fun" to a gamer who's looking for thrills, big car crashes and casual fun. Doesn't mean it's not fun to those who LIKE sims. And it's still classified as a video game. Or GT wouldn't be sold on consoles. GT is getting lower reviews because it's more technical. And not casual fun. Video game fun. Forza gets higher reviews because it's casual, easy, sounds loud when it shouldn't. Loud doesn't mean fast.

Forza can get 11s in reviews but will still never sell. Microsoft is only diluting the race game market with multiple releases every other year to try and cut into GT's sales. They are actually hurting the market for sim racing with their copy and paste. And sales reflect that as each new forza sells less every time and doesn't INCREASE in sales.

If forza was better than GT, you would see a direct correlation in decreased GT sales and increased forza sales. But that's not the case. It's diluting the market. And lowering the sales of all sim games. Nothing more. And that might be Microsoft's end goal. To flood the market enough to try and negate Sony's top selling franchise. Even if forza doesn't sell.

ProjectVulcan900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Forza doesn't have a lack of sales, it has less sales, but it still sells well. You are highly confused Apocalypse Shadow. The console platform it is on has a much smaller user base with different typical gaming interests. It's likely to sell less, like putting GT on a Nintendo platform. Think it would sell extremely well? It probably wouldn't. That's a weak sauce argument you are relying on.

I ignored the FIA claim because it is meaningless to the vast majority of people, just like sales are meaningless to the vast majority of people. So a handful of people from millions get sponsored to race in real cars, that affects everyone else how? It's a marketing exercise- nothing more. You obviously suckered and fell for it.

Gran Turismo isn't remotely the most realistic racing simulator I have played. Far more realistic and unforgiving racers are around mostly on PC, and they haven't partnered with the FIA. Just because a bunch of marketing/PR departments got together to create a competition for fans doesn't prove that GT is the most realistic racer. This is a pretty dumb assertion by all accounts.

GT gets lower reviews because it's not as good a video game by the definitions of the sites that usually review them for the purpose of the majority looking for a fun game. To have the most rounded experience with the best, deepest, most refined and enjoyable content.

Really it's that simple. GT isn't as good at delivering that. The evidence you present is ridiculous.

Who cares if Forza doesn't sell as well, who cares if it's not quite as 'realistic'? GT really isn't that convincing if you played iracing for example. Simulators generally are less fun the more realistic they get, as a rule of thumb. There is a sweet spot. Forza has a better balance. Easy to learn, difficult to master. Fun for all.

You entirely missed these points. Forza is still the better GAME. It has been for a long, long time now. No amount of harping on about mostly irrelevant points will alter that.

ApocalypseShadow900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

As you said, forza is a better game because it's casual fun for casual gamers. GT is the better simulator for those who really like cars and driving.

I'm well aware of pc sims as I mentioned above. They're not casual fun for gamers looking for flash and no substance.

You can ignore those points all you like, doesn't translate in gamers buying it. Making excuses when there are at least 40 million or so Xbox ones in the wild and it still doesn't sell is just making excuses. 80 million doesn't mean a game will sell more. It sells more because it's better.

As I said, GT produces real professional drivers. Forza, just a videogame. Why call it a sim if it can't produce results. That's like saying flight sims don't produce real pilots. They do. And they're not casual fun.

You sound like trump. If you say forza is better than GT more than 3 times, obviously it's true. It's not. Worldwide it's not. But they'll just keep flooding the market.

Team_Litt900d ago

"Now Sony controls the market and those biased individuals and sites are no longer there or can't lie because Sony's games can be shared and truth shown without lies or bias."

Sony control the market but Forza games continue to trounce Playstation racing games in critical acclaim so I'm not sure why you thought that was an argument.

Godmars290900d ago

Review scores aren't what they use to be. They never were what they use to be.

Just like FF15's received 10/10 while clearly having issues and lacking content, Forza's scored over GT while having fewer cars tracks and physic effects, only for later entries to be praised for having them as if GT didn't exist.

We're at least two console gens when driving sims meant something.

Team_Litt900d ago

Reviews don't mean anything any more? But you were celebrating God of War reviews not too long ago. You are confusing me bro. It's almost as if reviews matter when it's in favour of what you like and then other things matter when the reviews don't mesh well with your agenda...nah that's silly, you of all people wouldn't do that. My bad.

jerethdagryphon900d ago

Gt drivers can become real racers car companies use pd to simulate new cars gt 5sold about 10million copies more then for a 1 2 3 combined

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