Nintendo's Gamescom 2018 Lineup Revealed with Super Mario Party and more

Nintendo's Gamescom 2018 Lineup has been announced for the event. The event will be held on 21st to 25th Aug 2018.

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PhantomS422183d ago

Disappointing how Bandai is treating the Dark Souls Remastered. Delayed at the last minute to "Summer 2018" and where we are more than halfway through with no word. I suppose them saying it's going to be at Gamescom is confirmation that it hasn't been scrapped. Was really hoping it'd be out before my vacation at the end of the month but that's obviously not happening.


Japan: Nintendo gacha key-rings available in their stores

Japan is the home of Nintendo’s main headquarters. Because of this, the country tends to get a lot more merchandising and goodies for Nintendo fans compared to the rest of the world.

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Capcom's Latest Shareholder Q&A Is a Terrifying Indictment of Capitalism

Capcom has released its latest shareholder Q&A, and while there are some smart questions in there, you'll find some not-so-smart ones too.

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TheColbertinator8h ago

Capcom is our hero and champion in the gaming industry somehow. Everyone else is straight up Dr Doom


Xbox Game Pass Raising Its Prices Might Make Me Actually Play My Backlog

A loss for Game Pass is a win for backlogs.

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anast19h ago

The cope is strong with this one.

DarXyde3h ago

Eh, maybe. It probably is, but that applies to me too.

I hate everything about Game Pass and Playstation Plus and don't pay for either service.

At the same time, there isn't much in the modern gaming landscape that I'm interested in and haven't played yet, so I very routinely revisit my backlog.

I guess we can call that a cope. The difference is that I'm not writing articles about it. 😅

TheColbertinator7h ago

Microsoft should increase the price further

anast6h ago

I would have increased a bit more. They left some money on the table. People will pay.

jznrpg3h ago

It will sooner than later. I’m guessing right before games come out next year

SimpleDad2h ago

Dude, you don't have a backlog with Gamepass. What cope is this!?

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