Editorial: Mobile Games Should be Treated Like Real Games

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Over the years, the terms ‘video game’ and ‘gaming’ have evolved quite significantly in large parts due to the constant shift in technology and popular culture. From consoles, handhelds, PC, and more, the medium has evolved with the times and has been accepted by those who play video games each and every day. This can’t quite be said for mobile games which many have viewed it as a gimmick and or simple cash-grab towards an audience who aren’t ‘dedicated’ gamers. This mentality is far from the truth and we all have to start defining mobile games in the same terms as we do for any other video game."

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Tross80d ago

I will when they play like real games, have proper control schemes like real games, and are complete titles not riddled with MTs. It would help if they weren't exclusive to devices that offer none of that.

Scatpants79d ago

They should be treated like the pieces of shit they are. .001% of them are any good.