Videogamer: Disgaea 3 Interview

Videogamer writes: "The Disgaea series are among the most hardcore Japanes RPGs to reach Western shores, featuring 2D graphics, turn-based battles, and the ability to build characters up to a maximum of 9999 levels. With Disgaea 3 due to hit the PS3 early next year, we spoke to Sohei Niikawa, development director and producer at Nippon Ichi Software How did you come to work in video games?

Sohei Niikawa: I used to play games when I was a kid. I really enjoyed playing them, however I never thought about working for a video game company until I was a university sophomore. When I was playing Final Fantasy V at university I thought, "Wow, this game is good!", but then I started thinking about how it could be better or how I could do something more with it. The process of thinking about these things was very fun for me, so I thought that was maybe some kind of calling, that I should go and work for a games company."

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