Five Doomed Tech Initiatives

Technology initiatives come and go. Some have proved resilient and useful, like USB, HDMI, and the good old PCI bus.

The hallmarks of successful tech initiatives are threefold:

* They often start with ideas from a single company or entity.
* They achieve widespread adoption because they're either adopted by standards bodies, have special interest groups that handle the licensing, and offer very low cost or free licensing.
* Users find them useful and ubiquitous.

That very last sub-point is often forgotten. A tech initiative or standard may have all the ingredients except being easily available. For example, it might exist only on one company's platform.

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Cra1g3652d ago

It's too bad that AMD is failing these days. Many people may remember when AMD was the recommended CPU for gaming. I like Intel a lot, don't get me wrong, but I got into computers when AMD was supreme so it's sad to see them suffer.