Sony investigating PSP 3000 screen problems writes: Complaints emerge about the new super bright screen.

What's a new hardware launch without a load of complaints from consumers and the manufacturer having to issue an apology then recall and fix a load of them, eh?

Xbox 360 had the red ring of death, while Wii had remote straps that snapped, causing people to lob the things through their TVs - then they had to issue little rubber jackets for them. The PSP 3000 appears to be the latest casualty of the technical hiccup trend. Although it's yet to be seen whether it's a genuine problem or just some people on a forum whinging.

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Nineball21123746d ago

I just noticed what that! I copied and pasted from the original source, but I should always double check for spelling errors too I guess. :(

MS owns all3746d ago

And from that day forward whenever a lot animals gather in one place it's called a zoo! UNLESS IT'S A FARM! oh, and one more thing..............PSP SUCKS!!!!!!

eagle213746d ago

Sony just sold 155,720 PSP's in Japan last week (141,000 in just 4 days). You FAIL.

HARD! :)

eagle213746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

This is a small issue that Sony, a real company, will investigate and fix.

PSP just sold 155,720 in Japan from only Oct. 13-Oct. 19. :)

dylantalon3746d ago

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willykyu3746d ago

I changed my PSP2000 for the 3000, and yes the new screen, though far better, has this interlaced problem, wich is really annoying.
Hope a firmware update fixes it.

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The story is too old to be commented.